The Vaccinated Should Have Been More Skeptical

The Vaccinated Should Have Been More Skeptical


Those pushing the vaccines have a long track record of lies.

As the truth slowly comes out I really feel for those who were duped.

Strokes and heart attacks are filling up emergency rooms. They will never say the truth about what is causing it. But it is obvious to those of us who have been skeptics from day one.

Like this article out of India: Why are heart attacks becoming common in seemingly fit people.

The stupid article blames exercise. India injects half a billion people with their viral vector version of spike protein crap and blames the uptick in heart attacks on exercise. No one ever exercised before now, did they?

The United States is experiencing the same thing and it is also very evident in Israel. Vaccinated youth in Israel are being hit very hard by myocarditis. This is or will be the case in every nation and it will accelerate. 

This article blames cannabis use for the growing number of young people having heart attacks. Are these idiots serious? Yeah sure, I am totally convinced that no one ever smoked a joint in say, you know, the 1960s. These fools need to try harder...or is the public really dumb enough to buy this crap?

Franklin Graham has been telling Christians to get the abortion pokes. Now he has received just recompense in his body.

That's just coincidental, right? 

Franklin Graham polluted the sanctuary, his body. He polluted it with substances built with innocent blood. And he encouraged others to do likewise. It does not matter if that innocent blood was for testing (MRNA) or directly in the manufacturing process (viral vector).

And all the while, media will tell us lies about the nature of it all.

All gas lighting aside, let's get to the truth:

safe and effective not:

Fraud, incompetence and lies. These are the foundation for all of the garbage about these rushed vaccines being safe and effective. They are lying about and covering up every aspect of this debacle. 

There is a word for Ventavia's role in this: fall guy. This contractor is in place to take the fall for Pfizer. I do not believe that any of this is accidental or due to negligence. It's the plan. This is also why there are so many manufacturers for the vaccine and each one of those use subcontractors that can be blamed and sacrificed. They can jettison parts of the system at any time if there is too much heat or prophylactically and the plan can continue on. There will be other fall guys in this globalist scheme in the years to come as these poisons wreak havoc on the pawns.

Yes, I know what vaccine cultists will say, British Medical Journal is a right wing white supremacy website and Adolf Hitler is the editor.

There is also the Astrazeneca angle....

And Bourla wants to make it a crime to speak the truth. Woe unto you, Mr. Bourla, calling evil good and good evil, you despicable man you.You should be charged with a crime for saying your crap was safe and effective, as now we know your data is falsified.

Eventually, even the most loyal vaccine cultists will want to jump for dear life from the booster shot crazy train.