The Strangest Dream I Ever Had

The Strangest Dream I Ever Had

I had a dream a while back that was like no other dream I have had in my life.

It was very confusing and took me some time thinking about it to begin to figure it out.

Still not sure I have.

There were two people in the beginning. But it is more complicated than that. It was my mother and father and they were young. They both looked like movie stars from the golden age of cinema when they were younger. Everything fell apart for them later in life, including their marriage. In the dream they were glamorous and they were on a train. 

I said it was complicated. My wife and I were there too, but it is like we were somehow co-mingled with my parents. It was only our minds. So there were the physical bodies of my parents and our four minds and it was like we were all one.

My mother spoke to my father as they were seated on the train. She said, "Where did the time go?"

My father replied, "here."

My mother said again, "why does it sow so long?"

I knew that she meant "sow" as in sowing seeds and I am not sure, but I think she was talking about time.

The next thing I knew my parents (all of us) were standing near the exit of the train and my daughter was outside the door and she was maybe twenty years older than she is now.  

My daughter was a bit excited as she said "we are so getting out of this place!" 

That was it.

Later that day I realized that it was the anniversary of my mother's death. 

The dream could be a pun about sowing time. I looked it up and in the Bible the time of sowing is around the autumnal equinox, which is nearly upon us. 

This is a profound dream. My mother asked "where does the time go?" and my father answered "here," so where is "here"?

I believe that the here he was referring to is eternity where the two of them are.

All time (and space) are draining into eternity.

The oceans of this earth seem pretty big to us, but if you imagine all of those oceans being poured into another ocean that goes on forever they are really not much of anything in those terms.

That is what is happening to our space-time. It is being stretched out into eternity.

Anything divided by infinity is nothing. That is what time is. Time is nothing in eternity.

It seems like it takes so long for time to pass, but when it's gone we realize how truly short the time is. 

We'll talk about my Palawan and SCS dreams (many of them) some other time.


2020 Philippines Census: Expats Count

2020 Philippines Census

It Is Census Time Again In The Philippines

The Census begins and ends in the month of September.

Census taker was one of the hats I wore when I was working through college. I am well aware of the very common antipathy for filling out the Census questionnaire.

Did you know that in the US you can be fined for refusing to fill out the Census questionnaire?

The Philippines also takes the Census very serious, so serious that Section 25 of  Republic Act 10625 is referred to twice on the front of the Census questionnaire:

Obligation to Provide Information. – The National Statistician shall determine whether a statistical inquiry or survey to be conducted is with or without an obligation to provide information. If such obligation is stipulated, all respondents whether natural or legal persons shall be liable to reply to the statistical inquiry or survey. This section applies to all statistical inquiries or surveys conducted by other statistical offices in the PSS.
A lot of times the Census takers like to sit down with each individual and fill out the form. The Census taker will probably be someone you know who is from your own community, so they will probably let you have a copy to fill out at home at your leisure. 

There is nothing too invasive about any of the questions, but I understand the appeal to personal privacy that some people may put up. 

Still, responding to the Census is the law of the land and as the front page of the questionnaire states, under RA 10173 data privacy does not apply to the material you are asked to disclose for the Census.

Your answers are confidential, but like I said there is nothing too juicy in there. Your neighbors probably all know that you have a flush toilet and a fridge.

After you complete the process, the Census taker will place a sticker on your residence noting that you have been counted.