What Is The Chief Crime Of Babylon?

What Is The Chief Crime Of Babylon?


Whore of Babylon - Blake

My acquaintance with eschatology goes back many decades. I grew up hearing many different men speak on the subject. I loved to hear all of their varied interpretations of the Revelation and Daniel and other books thought to contain glimpses of our future.

One interesting topic that came up quite often and still does is the use of the word "sorceries" in the Book of Revelation:

Re 9:21  Neither repented they of their murders, nor of their sorceries, nor of their fornication, nor of their thefts.

Re 18:23  And the light of a candle shall shine no more at all in thee; and the voice of the bridegroom and of the bride shall be heard no more at all in thee: for thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived.

Early on there was not much expounding on this word and it was simply passed off as some form of witchcraft used to beguile the world. 

But eventually I picked up on the fact that the Greek word behind "sorceries" is more interesting than most give it credit for being.

The Greek word used in those two passages is φαρμακεία, transliterated as pharmakeia. You notice this is the word from which we derive pharmacy and pharmaceutical.

 The word φαρμακεία is found in Strong's Concordance reference # 5331:

1) the use or the administering of drugs
2) poisoning
3) sorcery, magical arts, often found in connection with idolatry and fostered by it
4) metaph. the deceptions and seductions of idolatry
This indicates that the global administration of some sort of drug(s) plays a key role in the end time.

But there is a lot more to this word φαρμακεί.

In general, both the Greek (φαρμακεία) and the Latin term (veneficium) indicate a type of homicide or attempted homicide: so in Greek themes the charge of φαρμακεία is essentially interchangeable with φόνος, as well as with ἐπιβουλή; - Law and Ethics in Greek and Roman Declamation, p. 157

φαρμακεί (sorceries) is interchangeable with φόνος and ἐπιβουλή?

What is the meaning of these two words?

φόνος: murder 

ἐπιβουλή: plot (conspiracy)

for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived

I believe that the metaphorical sense (deception) is active in the meaning here, but there is also a strong possibility that it also involves a world wide conspiracy to commit mass murder with drugs.

This is the chief crime of Babylon.

And what is the punishment for her crimes?

Re 17:16  And the ten horns which thou sawest upon the beast, these shall hate the whore, and shall make her desolate and naked, and shall eat her flesh, and burn her with fire.

Who is this Babylon?

Germany is the largest pharmaceutical exporter. Switzerland is #2 and the U.S. is #3.

Seems Babylon is a multi-polar operation.

Who pays leaders of other nations to push their drugs?

All makers of pharmaceuticals it seems: (ex.1, ex.2, ex.3, ex.4 (several examples in #4), ex.5 and many more).

Who controls the poppy fields? Seems as though a multinational conglomerate does.

Who controls the heroin and coca trade? Another coalition of the willing. Same with ice and every economically viable illicit drug. 

Many hands upon the poisoned chalice.

Many nations sitting upon many waters and many peoples, multitudes and tongues are joined together as Babylon.

Do not kid yourself about cartels. Cartels cannot exist without a lot of aid and comfort from government. As the book says, the whole earth lieth in evil ruled over by vessels fitted unto destruction. 

There is always a price to be paid. They shall pay it to the flame.

Also of note is the fact that φαρμακεία refers to criminal poisoning. The word virus is from the Latin meaning poison.

The chief god of Modern Babylon is Apollo, who both casts the plague and heals it. The arrows of Apollo are flying.

It is probable that the United States is Babylon The Great.


Path To War?

Path To War?



I have no idea how the situation in the United States will work itself out, but it cannot be denied that there is a precedent for civil war.

The Confederate States of America was born February 8, 1861 and elected its first and only president, Jefferson Davis, ten days later on February 18, 1861.

Two weeks later on March 4, 1861 Abraham Lincoln was sworn in as President of The United States.

War was never formally declared by the either the Confederacy or the Union, but it is a matter of accepted fact that the war began with the Confederate Bombardment of Fort Sumter that began on April 12, 1861. Mind you that this refers to the beginning of the hot war. The road to war had been started years and maybe decades earlier.

A nasty divorce is brewing in the United States once again and the differences are perhaps even more irreconcilable  than they were 160 years ago. If the two sides each choose their own president again, then the path to war will be almost certain.

Civil war is not undertaken without determined leadership on both sides stoking it. With America the leadership of these sides ultimately receives funding and marching orders from a single source whose goal is to keep the masses divided. They have that and it appears that the people have no hope of ever escaping it (so deep and complete is the division), so the actual hot war will probably never be implemented.

If you want to know the truth about the first civil war, then do not go to wikipedia or google. They are both revisionist, as are all textbooks. Go to your local library (if you are in the US) and see if they have any period books on the subject in the temperature and humidity controlled room where they keep their old and rare books (if your local library has one of those). That is what I did long years ago. Those century+ old books will tell you things that google, your teachers and your professors never will...the truth.




Forecast For The November 3 US Elections

Forecast For The November 3 US Elections


one of the Grinches that stole the election

After the election I struck through the items that missed. Since that time I have been removing the strike-through, as some things have come to pass.

Trump wins the Presidency.?
Democrats take the House and Senate.
Democrats immediately begin a new impeachment process.
Multinational Corporations will get untold billions trillions behind the scenes.
The dollar will be further debased.
Democrat voters will blame Republican voters and Republican voters will blame Democrat voters.
Trump and Biden will share a toast over Zoom.
Trump will be successfully impeached by the House and convicted in the Senate this time, but the decision will be reviewed and overruled by the Supreme Court. What happens next will be interesting.
The United States is like a huge gun. Democracy in the United States is like a room full of drunks fighting over who gets to hold the gun.
Joe Biden bragging about threatening to withhold $1,000,000,000 from Ukraine unless they fire the man investigating his son:
Quid pro Joe
I keep hearing this guy use the word compassion. He is the party that supports the dismemberment of infants in the womb by the tens of millions and who make billions of dollars from that mass murder. Compassion? They have all the compassion of Mao. Did these people have compassion upon the thousands of nursing home patients they deliberately killed with Coronavirus after giving immunity to nursing home executives? They claim the compassionate high ground with illegal immigration, but neglect to mention that it was the Obama and Biden administration that built the cages. They talk about children being separated from their families, but neglect to mention that those children were not brought across the border by their families. They were most likely trafficked by cartels. These people have no compassion at all. They lie and use people as their pawns and the news media are their criminal co-conspirators. 
And this: 
A glitch in software used to tabulate ballots in Antrim County, Michigan caused at least 6,000 Republican votes to be counted as Democrat, according to Michigan GOP Chairwoman Laura Cox.
The miscalculation, Cox said in a press conference, was first reported by a county clerk. A short investigation revealed that 47 counties in Michigan may have also suffered from a similar glitch with the same software, which could have caused some red counties to rake in a higher number of Democrat votes than usual.
And the same software was used in 30 other states.

Dominion Voting Systems is connected to many high profile Democrats.

Dominion bought out Sequoia Voting Systems.  Sequoia was behind the hanging chad controversy and many many others:
A 2007 investigative report by Dan Rather charged Sequoia with deliberately supplying poor quality punch-card ballots to Palm Beach County, Florida for the 2000 election. According to former Sequoia employees, the ballots for Palm Beach County were produced with paper and manufacturing processes that were outside of normal specifications. This supposedly caused all of the problems with "hanging chads". When quality problems were found, Sequoia management ordered the production workers to ignore them. One worker speculated that the object was to discredit punch-card ballots and thus promote sales of electronic voting machines.
Nothing to see here. Anyone with questions hates Democracy and should be put on a list. Electronic voting is a filthy dirty scam designed to make the vote go whichever way they want it to go.

They keep saying baseless this and baseless that and that there is no proof. Well, the criminals have possession of the proof and they are in the process of making it go pooof. Democrats are the world class professionals when it comes to screwing elections. They have been doing it to each other for decades.
Another funny thing is how that up to a few days ago all we heard about was how terrible COVID was, but now suddenly it is all just fine and there is no problem with thousands of idiots huddling maskless in the streets to celebrate a victory that will soon turn sour in their bellies.  
And did you notice that there were 0 riots (unless you count Antifa violently attacking conservative families in DC)? So why did Democrats board up their cities? I guess they know their own very well. Spoiled, immature and utterly criminal brats. 
But to the Trump supporters I have a message. Trump was never your savior. He was just an arrogant man lifted up in pride and doomed to fall. 
You think he will never flip? Do you remember how he pushed hydroxychloroquine? What happened when he came down with COVID (which in itself is suspicious)? He flipped! He started pushing super expensive Israeli Remdesivir as a miracle cure. He is a world class Olympic flipper. And when he uses the military to, in his own words "powerfully distribute" the mRNA vaccine he will continue his incremental flipping on φαρμακεία.
You Christians who supported Trump were duped yet again into placing your faith in man. It's all a deception and you should know that. 
Jesus Christ was not glorified by political victories. He was not glorified by getting the best of his political opponents. He was glorified by being spat upon and hung on a tree. I know Jesus Christ and Donald Trump is no Jesus Christ.
God sent a savior and your eyes should be on him not Trump or any other self seeking demagogue. 

Lu 21:34  [And take heed to yourselves, lest at any time your hearts be overcharged with surfeiting, and drunkenness, and cares of this life, and so] that day come upon you unawares.
"cares of this life"
You keep allowing yourself to be pulled into Satan's game. He fills our senses with the cares of life these days. He got you again with Donald Trump and all of the evil things that Trump was designed to appear to counter.  Yet Trump supporters ignore the evil things that Trump himself is and has been involved in. There is a lot of self serving tunnel vision being exploited on both sides.
Let it go. There is no hope for this world. Politics will not save you nor will it save America or the world. Jesus did not join the Zealots - the right wing of his day. Jesus prophesied the breaking down of the temple, which was a direct result of the Roman response to the Zealots. 
Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar's, but don't join his party. And don't get too attached to your temples (God does not dwell in them anyway) or your "way of life" for as we should know, the fashion of this world is passing away. 
Of all of the translations, I think that the "God's Word" translation best conveys the meaning of this verse:
1 Corinthians 7:31 (GW) Those who use the things in this world should do so but not depend on them. It is clear that this world in its present form is passing away.
Some voted for Trump to preserve the fashion of their world. Others voted against him to change it. People are playing tug-of-war to determine the fashion of this world. All are doomed to fail. This world is passing away and we are only sojourners in it.
Alexander the Great gained the whole world, then he lost it at only 33 years of age. 
What did it matter at all? 
None at all 
Trump may yet snatch victory from the jaws of the fraudsters, but that too matters none at all in the grand scheme.



Jack Nicklaus (80) Had Coronavirus

 Jack Nicklaus (80) Had Coronavirus


Golf legend, Jack Nicklaus, talks about his run in with the lab made contagion:
“Sure, I was concerned. I took hydroxychloroquine. Gone in two days.”
“The hospital gets more money with COVID death than they do another death. I’m sure there’s been a lot of that.”

The criminals who walk in our midst have become very brazen in this late hour. Mr. Nicklaus' last two sentences hold a bitter black pill that you need to swallow and comprehend.