"You Are Going To Go To Your DOOM"

"You Are Going To Go To Your DOOM"



Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi:

Sucharit Bhakdi was born in Washington, D.C., and educated at schools in Switzerland, Egypt, and Thailand.  He studied medicine at the University of Bonn in Germany, where he received his MD in 1970.  He was a post-doctoral researcher at the Max Planck Institute of Immunobiology and Epigenetics in Freiburg from 1972 to 1976, and at The Protein Laboratory in Copenhagen from 1976 to 1977.  He joined the Institute of Medical Microbiology at Giessen University in 1977 and was appointed associate professor in 1982. He was named chair of Medical Microbiology at the University of Mainz in 1990, where he remained until his retirement in 2012. Dr. Bhakdi has published over three hundred articles in the fields of immunology, bacteriology, virology, and parasitology, for which he has received numerous awards and the Order of Merit of Rhineland-Palatinate.

Dr. Bhakdi's words in the video above go hand-in-hand with what we saw in the previous post regarding the spike protein.

The Salk Institute on spike protein toxicity:

There’s been a growing consensus that SARS-CoV-2 affects the vascular system, but exactly how it did so was not understood. Similarly, scientists studying other coronaviruses have long suspected that the spike protein contributed to damaging vascular endothelial cells, but this is the first time the process has been documented.

In the new study, the researchers created a “pseudovirus” that was surrounded by SARS-CoV-2 classic crown of spike proteins, but did not contain any actual virus. Exposure to this pseudovirus resulted in damage to the lungs and arteries of an animal model—proving that the spike protein alone was enough to cause disease. Tissue samples showed inflammation in endothelial cells lining the pulmonary artery walls.

What is the authority of the Salk Institute?

The Salk Institute for Biological Studies is a scientific research institute located in the La Jolla community of San Diego, California, US.[1] The independent, non-profit institute was founded in 1960 by Jonas Salk, the developer of the polio vaccine; among the founding consultants were Jacob Bronowski and Francis Crick. Construction of the research facilities began in spring of 1962. The Salk Institute consistently ranks among the top institutions in the US in terms of research output and quality in the life sciences.[2] In 2004, the Times Higher Education Supplement ranked Salk as the world's top biomedicine research institute, and in 2009 it was ranked number one globally by ScienceWatch in the neuroscience and behavior areas.[3][4]

All of the vaccines being used, whether they be viral vector or MRNA based, cause your cells to manufacture spike protein and the spike protein is proven to damage the vascular system and that means the entire body and all of its systems.

You Have Been Warned 

The vaccines do not:

  • stop you from getting covid
  • stop you from spreading covid

The vaccines do make people sick. This is why we have the ongoing psyop of variants. It is the spike protein vaccines causing the problems and the problems will only increase in magnitude as the spike proteins do their work and as millions of people continue to be injected with spike proteins.

And as more people fall ill from spike protein vaccinations destroying their bodies the screeching for everyone to be forcefully vaccinated will grow ever more shrill and desperate.

Dr. Coleman sounds good until he says "the use of these jabs must stop now... immediately, until more long term tests are done..."

That is a stupid statement. 

We do not need any more tests to know that the spike protein is the culprit and that the spike protein is a dangerous and injurious poison. 

All of these vaccines are using spike protein and further testing is stupid. No amount of testing will make spike protein safe in the human body. It was never meant to be.

It's like saying we need more long term testing on gun shot wounds to the head. You know...so we can determine if they are safe and effective.

So is this guy some kind of controlled opposition?

I think he is just a brainwashed pro-vaccine dupe. He still has one foot stuck in the matrix. He just cannot extricate himself fully from the propaganda he has been baptized in for his entire life as a medical professional. Maybe he cannot accept that this is no accident. It's a plot.

we've only just begun...to die

Burn The Ships!

Burn The Ships!

It's the end of the world!

Did you hear about the symptoms of the latest variant that they are shutting down the world over?

"So far, we have detected that those infected do not suffer the loss of taste or smell. They might have a slight cough."

A slight cough!

Heaven help us!

Vaccinate your pets! It's to save grandma! 

Everyone must wear four masks and goggles! 

Ventilators for everyone!


But rest assured, our leaders have something more than this latest hoax up their sleeves. 

In the meantime, enjoy the latest round of ridiculous crap until the real crap hits.

Watching Cambodia

Watching Cambodia



Cambodia had less than 500 total cases tallied for the first year of the pandemic.

Then Cambodia's vaccination program began. 

Did Cambodia only start testing seriously in the May 2021 time frame? 

Or is something else at play here?

Many researchers were hailing Cambodia as a success for keeping its covid numbers low back in December 2020 and mass testing was specifically noted as a contributing factor in the low case rate. 

So they were most likely showing correct numbers, which were exceedingly low.

To shed more light death stats will be added soon. 

It appears to me that covid was allowed (or perhaps caused) to run rampant to drive vaccination panic. What was the CT for testing I wonder? What other anomalies? Will we ever know or live to tell?

The CT is only one of countless clues about the nature of what is happening. The CT should be public information that is easily accessible everywhere. It should be the same everywhere on earth and where it is different there should be clear rationale. But it is none of those things. It is different everywhere and good luck finding anyone who can tell you what it where you live. Most of the time they act as if you have sinned by asking the question.

It is a tool of deception and fraud.

I did not define CT in this post and that is on purpose. You have a duty to know what it means and if we are two years into this pandemic and you still don't then you have a real problem with complacency. If you are a vaccine defender and you do not know what CT is and how it is used and misused, then double shame on you.

At any rate, this is just another variation on the methodology we have seen worldwide. Fear porn, lab engineered variants and blaming the unvaccinated for what the vaccines and mad scientists are doing. Who would have ever imagined that humanity was dumb enough to fall for such a scam? Whomever is behind our leaders did.

British Medical Journal interviews law whistle blower who alleges some Pfizer clinical trial data is the product of fraud.

This report itself is damning, but for added dimension read the responses on BMJ.

It is pointed out that Ventavia only covered 2.3% of the entire trial cohort, but it is also noted that these revelations are likely just the tip of the iceberg for many reasons that are part of systemic failures in how clinical trials are done.

Pity that it seems these revelations may have the intention of shilling for AstraZeneca.

Every one of the covid vaccines that are in use instruct your cells to produce spike proteins and the spike protein itself is a damaging toxin:

There’s been a growing consensus that SARS-CoV-2 affects the vascular system, but exactly how it did so was not understood. Similarly, scientists studying other coronaviruses have long suspected that the spike protein contributed to damaging vascular endothelial cells, but this is the first time the process has been documented.

In the new study, the researchers created a “pseudovirus” that was surrounded by SARS-CoV-2 classic crown of spike proteins, but did not contain any actual virus. Exposure to this pseudovirus resulted in damage to the lungs and arteries of an animal model—proving that the spike protein alone was enough to cause disease. Tissue samples showed inflammation in endothelial cells lining the pulmonary artery walls.

That is the final word and if those two paragraphs from the Salk Institute do not wake you up nothing will.

And according to Dr. Byram Bridle:

The logic is too simple for most people to grasp:

Spike proteins damage the vascular system.

All covid vaccines produce spike proteins in the human body.

Therefore, all covid vaccines damage the vascular system.

Surely this cannot mean what it seems to mean? Surely the scientists have done something to mitigate harm? Surely they would not do anything to deliberately hurt us? Surely the writer of this article is just paranoid like the TV said?

Surely you cannot be that naive? 

Some can grasp where this leads us over the next few years, given the fact that billions have received the vaccines already. Finely tuned boosters are coming online.

They have been telling us for years that we use too many resources. They have been telling us for years that there are too many of us. They have been telling us for years that we are a crisis. So now they are acting against the crisis that is us.

This is not the first time that incompetence, bureaucracy and corruption were used as a smokescreen for genocide. But this time it is global in scale.

All that can be said is prepare. 

And for those of you who say you got it and you are ok, congratulations. You were in the control group this time. They are carefully studying the effect of this poison on the population. 

If you are in the group of vaccine recipients who received the experimental material, then at best your health will begin to decline. At worst you will fall over dead like so many others and your doctor will say it was a coincidence and must have been the stress of the pandemic and worry caused by the unvaccinated.

Pfizer Paid Out The Largest Healthcare Fraud Settlement In History

Pfizer Paid Out The Largest Healthcare Fraud Settlement In History


Pfizer paid out $2,300,000,000 to settle claims they bribed doctors to sell their crap in 2009:

The company will pay a criminal fine of $1.195 billion, the largest criminal fine ever imposed in the United States for any matter. Pharmacia & Upjohn will also forfeit $105 million, for a total criminal resolution of $1.3 billion.

The civil settlement also resolves allegations that Pfizer paid kickbacks to health care providers to induce them to prescribe these, as well as other, drugs.

That is a US DOJ link, so USA Today can shove their fact check straight up their Pfizer.

Pfizer paid "kickbacks" to healthcare providers to push their crap. Merriam Webster defines a kickback as a bribe, among other derogatory meanings.

But we should not be surprised at the media fact checkers running interference for these crooks. They are all owned by the same global conglomerates that comprise the global fascist dictatorship we all live under.

Pfizer did it and the DOJ busted them, but now their crap is safe and effective with a rushed vaccine with no long term effects known and unprecedented coverups.

Looks like they might have learned their lesson and started the payouts at the DOJ level this time (CDC and FDA have been pharma property for decades).

And lets not get into the twisted tale of how SARS-COV-2 was simply a premise to get this spiked crap into all of us courtesy of Fauci et al.

God Bless Van Morrrison

God Bless Van Morrison



But I will warn you that if you stand up to the puppets, like Swann, the masters of the puppets will unleash something worse.

Corona Crystal Ball

Corona Crystal Ball


Madhouse - Goya

Just look at this beautiful woman who rejected the crapccinnes. She is not at all how the cultists would like to portray us and not at all like the crazy eyed cultists themselves. Yes, many of us who stand against this tyranny are "quite gallant and graceful-looking people." And we have more information in our quivers as well. But like Well's heroic holdouts we too are doomed this side of eternity.

In a previous post I spoke about the vaccine rate of Singapore. Despite the fact that almost 90% of the population is fully vaccinated the covid death and case rates are about 300% of what they were when no one had been vaccinated. Singapore began its vaccine program with Pfizer on 12/30/2020, added Moderna in March 2021 and added two Chinese viral vector vaccines in June and August 2021. Moderna and Pfizer seem to make up the bulk of deployed vaccinations in Singapore.

No one in mainstream media is questioning the precipitous rise in cases that seems to correlate to vaccinations. Correlation does not always indicate causation, but a lot of times it does. It is a flashing beacon for scientists that screams "hey! look here!"

But no one is looking at the 400 lb gorilla in Singapore. No one is allowed even a furtive glance.

Are the vaccines ineffective? Are the vaccines causing infection? Are the vaccines making it easier for people to be infected? Is someone going around spreading infection on purpose to drive fear and panic to make people get vaccinated? Is the CT on testing set too high? Are the tests faulty? Is there fraud? Is anyone lying?

No one in the pharmaceutical industry or government ever committed fraud or lied did they? One would have to be a lunatic to even have such a thing cross their mind. The news said so and many countries are discussing passing laws outlawing thinking about such things.

It is all very suspicious, but the authorities are playing see no evil. A pox upon anyone who dares ask questions. Group-think fully engaged and all social punishments activated.

Instead they are shifting attention to the 10% or so of the population who have managed thus far to escape getting clotted up.

The case of Singapore may allow us to look into the future of nations that have very low vaccination rates at this point.

How will the governments of such countries react when they reach 90% vaccinated and have case and death rates 300% of what they are currently? 

With glee, obviously, because they are being paid by the poke under the table.

Nations like Ireland, Australia and Austria point the way. They are each around 70% fully shot up and are locking down harder than ever and threatening worse.

90% of the population of Portugal is fully vaccinated, yet the latest headline reads "Portugal eyes new covid 19 measures as cases soar."

Maybe soon we see angry mobs burning the unvaccinated at the stake, as governments blame them for the lock-downs.

And let us not forget, those who were fully vaccinated six months no longer are. Just as some animals are more equal than others, some fully vaccinated people are more fully vaccinated than others

The goal is to get the entire world on the booster shot crazy train forever and to marginalize the refusers to the sewers, gulags and bone heaps.

If the world will bow to a needle full of crap that exists due to the murder of a child they will bow to anything.

And such a world deserves exactly what it is going to get.  

Totalitarianism is the modern phenomenon of total centralized state power coupled with the obliteration of individual human rights: in the totalized state, there are those in power, and there are the objectified masses, the victims.
Each wave of terrorizing [case surges and lock-downs]. . . creates its effects more easily – after a breathing spell – than the one that preceded it because people are still disturbed by their previous experience. Morality becomes lower and lower, and the psychological effects of each new propaganda campaign become stronger; it reaches a public already softened up.
Logic can be met with logic, while illogic cannot—it confuses those who think straight. The Big Lie and monotonously repeated nonsense have more emotional appeal … than logic and reason. While the [people are] still searching for a reasonable counter-argument to the first lie, the totalitarians can assault [them] with another.
Joost Meerloo, The Rape of the Mind

Taken from The Manufacturing of a Mass Psychosis – Can Sanity Return to an Insane World?

This is what is being done to us and it has only just begun. 

Otherwise known as: strong delusion

2 Thess. 2:11  And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: 12  That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.
This is not over. They may conclude the COVID phase, but the march to global totalitarian government will not end. If COVID is not used to carry the plan over the finish line, then some time after the data has been analyzed a new pandemic will be unleashed. It will move much faster and the restrictions and mandates will be far more crushing.


The Vaccinated Should Have Been More Skeptical

The Vaccinated Should Have Been More Skeptical


Those pushing the vaccines have a long track record of lies.

As the truth slowly comes out I really feel for those who were duped.

Strokes and heart attacks are filling up emergency rooms. They will never say the truth about what is causing it. But it is obvious to those of us who have been skeptics from day one.

Like this article out of India: Why are heart attacks becoming common in seemingly fit people.

The stupid article blames exercise. India injects half a billion people with their viral vector version of spike protein crap and blames the uptick in heart attacks on exercise. No one ever exercised before now, did they?

The United States is experiencing the same thing and it is also very evident in Israel. Vaccinated youth in Israel are being hit very hard by myocarditis. This is or will be the case in every nation and it will accelerate. 

This article blames cannabis use for the growing number of young people having heart attacks. Are these idiots serious? Yeah sure, I am totally convinced that no one ever smoked a joint in say, you know, the 1960s. These fools need to try harder...or is the public really dumb enough to buy this crap?

Franklin Graham has been telling Christians to get the abortion pokes. Now he has received just recompense in his body.

That's just coincidental, right? 

Franklin Graham polluted the sanctuary, his body. He polluted it with substances built with innocent blood. And he encouraged others to do likewise. It does not matter if that innocent blood was for testing (MRNA) or directly in the manufacturing process (viral vector).

And all the while, media will tell us lies about the nature of it all.

All gas lighting aside, let's get to the truth:

safe and effective not: https://www.bmj.com/content/375/bmj.n2635

Fraud, incompetence and lies. These are the foundation for all of the garbage about these rushed vaccines being safe and effective. They are lying about and covering up every aspect of this debacle. 

There is a word for Ventavia's role in this: fall guy. This contractor is in place to take the fall for Pfizer. I do not believe that any of this is accidental or due to negligence. It's the plan. This is also why there are so many manufacturers for the vaccine and each one of those use subcontractors that can be blamed and sacrificed. They can jettison parts of the system at any time if there is too much heat or prophylactically and the plan can continue on. There will be other fall guys in this globalist scheme in the years to come as these poisons wreak havoc on the pawns.

Yes, I know what vaccine cultists will say, British Medical Journal is a right wing white supremacy website and Adolf Hitler is the editor.

There is also the Astrazeneca angle....

And Bourla wants to make it a crime to speak the truth. Woe unto you, Mr. Bourla, calling evil good and good evil, you despicable man you.You should be charged with a crime for saying your crap was safe and effective, as now we know your data is falsified.

Eventually, even the most loyal vaccine cultists will want to jump for dear life from the booster shot crazy train.

Everywhere You Go Now Filthy Masks Thrown On The Ground

Everywhere You Go Now Filthy Masks Thrown On The Ground


America's "health officials" lol

Know what I am talking about? I know you do.

Those face masks we are told stop death itself.

They are supposedly full of deadly SARS CoV 2.

Yet, piles of them are everywhere.

And the governments do not care about these masks full of deadly virus.

In a lab setting they dispose of those masks in a biohazard container due to the risk they present. But magically there is no threat when they are thrown all over the place in an urban setting.

I guess our leaders don't believe their own lies. We know they don't. They constantly flout the laws they force on everyone else. 

We were in a big Democrat run city just days ago and I must have counted scores of filthy masks in a two block stroll. 

Yet they say the healthy have to take the risk of getting vaccinated with an experimental vaccine that has a bad track record and all variants of it are connected in one way or another to fetal cell lines.

We are being brow beaten to inject this crap into our veins "to protect others" yet the government allows these piles of filthy deadly virus covered masks to accumulate everywhere. Isn't that a risk?

The only "risk" that matters is that which can be used to coerce people to join the vaccine cult.

And none of these vaccine dope dealers want to be responsible.

The doctors don't, the governments don't and the vaccine manufacturers do not want to be responsible for adverse effects caused by their products. They make you sign a waiver releasing them from all responsibility. So safe and effective that no one wants be responsible for short term effects much less long term effects (for which there is zero data because these shots have been rushed).

Try to make your employer sign a document making them responsible for the shot they are making you take. They will not do it. And even if they did good luck finding a doctor who would ever commit career suicide by linking any problem that arises to the vaccines. 

And further, this is who we are being asked to put our health at risk for:

For over 5% of these deaths, COVID-19 was the only cause mentioned on the death certificate. For deaths with conditions or causes in addition to COVID-19, on average, there were 4.0 additional conditions or causes per death.

The information above is from the CDC and it is written to be deceptive to the casual reader. It says "more than 5%" of deaths had only covid on the death certificate. This means less than 6% died only of covid (according to their death cert.), which means more than 94% had comorbidities and those who died with comorbidities had on average four comorbidities contributing to their death. But all of these people went into the covid death stats to drive them up.

Not only do facts like this warrant vaccine refusal, but this kind of obfuscation of facts warrants enormous skepticism. They did not want the ">94% of deaths have 4 comorbidities" statement to stand out, so they simply did not state it plainly. They did not overtly lie, but they confounded the truth with weasel phraseology. 

The vaccine cult would never analyze statements like this to get at the truth. 

That statement six months ago lacked the 5% covid only part. At that time the average number of comorbidities was shown as 3.8 with the 5% with no comorbidities lumped in. They pulled it out because they thought doing so obfuscated the truth better than stating that the entire cohort had 3.8 comorbidities.

But let us get to the more fundamental question of why they said the healthy need take the clot shots to protect those who cannot take them. They told us that the shots would prevent us from contracting and spreading the disease.

WHO top scientist admits this is a lie

Fouder of GAVI, Bill Gates, admits this is a lie:

"only slightly reduce transmission" - Gates on covid vaccines

The CDC Director admits it is a lie.

So what is the real reason we are being forced to take it when the stated reasons are all lies?

And what else are they misleading us about? Only everything.

These lying scumbags are now backtracking on those who they said could not take the shots and now are forcing more and more people out of the exception category.

It's bull$#it. Something is up and it gets more obvious every day. Many people know what it is because we believe what these people have been saying for many years and now we see them doing it.

This is how you know the Marxists never actually intended to defund the police. If they do that, then who will beat the hell out of vaccine refusers? Who will help them kill the people to save the people?

Make no mistake, those pushing this agenda are evil to the bone. 

Evil and greedy.

These people don't get big payouts from the street sweeper lobby.

Big Pharma on the other hand....

And one more thing. Most of those filthy disease ridden masks were filthy long before the wearers discarded them. They are filthy with just about every pathogen except SARS Cov 2. People are making themselves sick with filthy masks and that is fine with the fools who make the rules. They call everything covid anyway & just jack up the cycle threshold on the PCR.

Conspiracy Nuts


Is that the child they killed to harvest her kidney cells?

Pawlowski had been traveling throughout the United States over the summer to spread his warning that Western governments increasingly resemble the communist regime in Poland he fled as a young man. link

Just to be clear, it is not communism. It wears that mask, which is one of its many disguises. And FOX News, although they tell some truth, is part of all of this. 

We were told what it is.

φαρμακεία of Mystery Babylon

Some will die. More will be injured. All will be conditioned.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s six minutes, six days or six weeks. We’re gonna get it done. Joe Biden speaking of passing the 3.5 trillion dollar infrastructure bill.

Rev. 13:5 And there was given unto him a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies; and power was given unto him to continue forty [and] two months (3.5 years).

Rev. 13:18 Here is wisdom. He that hath understanding, let him count the number of the beast; for it is the number of a man: and his number is Six hundred and sixty and six.

Biden knows what 6 6 6 means. He knew the association when he made that statement. Do not kid yourself. He and his ilk are poking fun at us. They are hinting that their hour draws near.

These references are made constantly in word and symbol throughout all media.

Scarcely any film made today does not contain Biblical references. 

Many of them contain references to the more mysterious aspects of Genesis chapter 6.

Far more refer to the Revelation, particularly the 13th chapter.

EVERYTHING coming out of all media is brain washing working strong delusion in the masses.

This world is ALL about our sin, Jesus' blood and the great conspiracy to keep humanity from being restored to God.

Everything else is a distraction. It's all one big conspiracy.

Can you see through it?