DOW Pullback June 22-26?

What Do The Candlesticks Know?

Maybe nothing.

The candlestick chart above is for the week of June15-19.

Some are calling the candlesticks for June 15-17 a Evening Doji Star and some are calling it an Abandoned Baby, both of which indicate future decline. There is a decent gap between the close for the 1st candlestick and the open for the doji star, but there is a slight overlap between the doji and the 3rd stick.  There is no strong selling pressure on the 3rd stick - another indication that although a decline may be coming it will not be dramatic.

June 18-19 shows a nice bearish engulfing, another signal of decline. 

Week of June 22-26 seems set for slight decline or sideways movement. 

It is also noteworthy that both of those dojis teased the 200 day SMA.

Update 6-22-2020

The prediction above did not fail. Before close there was indeed a weak pullback:

The DOW lost 204 points from Friday's close before recovering later in the day.

FED meth wins again. But the week is still young.

BLS employment data will be released on July 2, so there could be quite a bit of excitement next week. Will the BLS BS again or will the truth come out and make the DOW tank? The BLS issued the 13.3% unemployment figure in June "causing" the DOW to soar 3.5% in that Friday's trading session. The following Monday it went up another 1.7%. Over the following three sessions the DOW lost almost 10% as the market realized that the economy was not recovering as well as people had wished. 

Another interesting even for the week is what under other circumstances might have been called a golden cross:

Nothing can stop the 50 day SMA from crossing north of the 100 day SMA this week. The DOW would have to fall back to 19,000 for that to happen.

Update 7-3-2020

The 50 day SMA moved above the 100 day SMA last week replacing the 100 as the support level. It will take some doing to get the DOW to move below it.

Also the BLS did released another volley of blockbuster numbers on July 2 and, as predicted, the market is more skeptical than it was the last time around. The price of the DOW is flirting with the 200 day SMA and may begin to move lower again next week.

That is my novice opinion anyway.


Status Of Quarantines In The Philippines

Status Of Quarantines In The Philippines

Passing this message along from the US Embassy:

Cebu City placed under Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ), Talisay City under Modified ECQ (MECQ); Metro Manila and other areas remain under General Community Quarantine (GCQ).

On June 15, the Philippine government announced the below classifications for areas in the country as a continued measure against the spread of COVID-19:
  • Cebu City returned to Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) status from June 16 to June 30 because the Philippine government notes an increase of new cases; widespread community transmission; case doubling time of less than seven (7) days; and a significant increase in critical care utilization as compared to critical care capacity.
  • Talisay City, a city under the province of Cebu, is placed under Modified Enhanced Community Quarantine (MECQ) until June 30, for the same reasons.
  • Areas under General Community Quarantine (GCQ) from June 16-30:
    • Luzon – NCR (Metro Manila), Cagayan, Isabela, Nueva Vizcaya, Quirino, Santiago City in Region II; Aurora, Bataan, Bulacan, Tarlac, Olongapo City in Region III; Cavite, Laguna, Batangas, Rizal, Quezon in Region IV-A.
    • Visayas -- Bohol, Cebu, Negros Oriental, Siquijor, Mandaue City, Lau-Lapu Cityin Region VII
    • Mindanao -- Davao City and Zamboanga City
    • The rest of the country remains under Modified General Community Quarantine (MGCQ) until June 30, 2020.
Local Government Units (LGUs), i.e. cities and municipalities in the National Capital Region, may still have curfews in effect to limit exposure to the COVID-19 virus. Some provinces have implemented their own community quarantines. If you live in an area that has imposed a local curfew ordinance or similar community quarantine, please plan your activities and travel accordingly and monitor the relevant LGU’s website for their rules and regulations.​ 
Complete guidelines for quarantine types can be found on the Philippines COVID-19 website.


Home Made Pancakes From Scratch

Pancakes From Scratch

In Pillsbury Pancake Warning I lamented the problems with Pillsbury Pancake mix.

Those sorrows have passed and will never return again thanks to our success with making them from scratch.

  • 1.5 cup flour
  • 1.5 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1 tablespoon sugar
  • 1.25 cup milk
  • 1.5 egg (you can use 2 eggs for fluffier pancakes)
  • 3 tablespoon butter (melted)
  • 1 tablespoon vinegar
mix and cook:
  • Sift flour sugar baking soda together.
  • Whisk egg(s).
  • Form a well in the middle of the flour mixture and pour in the egg, milk and butter.
  • Mix with a spoon until smooth, but don't over mix. A few small lumps is ok.
  • Dollop mix onto an oiled pan and brown on both sides.

This recipe yields 6-7 pancakes like the ones pictured at the top of the article.

I find that this from scratch mix is superior to the box mixes in taste, texture and ease of preparation. The box pancakes always stick to the pan, but these  pancakes flipped in the pan with almost no sticking at all. The top of the mix pancakes is always gooey when you flip them and this is also not a problem with the scratch mix.

Maybe you are thinking, "vinegar in pancakes? gross!"

But it actually works. I substitute baking soda for baking powder and when you do that you also must add an acid to activate the soda. You cannot taste the vinegar in the finished product. 

Also keep in mind that when substituting baking soda for baking powder that the baking soda is about 4x as strong. So if a recipe calls for 1 tsp of baking powder that would require you to use only 1/4 tsp of baking soda. Then you would multiple the baking soda amount x 2 and that is how much vinegar you would use - in this case 14/ tsp baking soda + 1/2 tsp vinegar. I always use more baking soda and vinegar than is required because I like the extra rise. 

Another plus with using baking soda is that it does not lose its potency like baking powder. Unless you bake a lot you will want to use sachets of baking powder because once you open a larger container it will go flat if not used soon after. This is not the case with baking soda and I have yet to find the upper limit on its ability to maintain its potency.

All of the sodium in this recipe is in the baking soda. There is about 1.3 grams of sodium in a teaspoon of baking soda, so that puts this recipe up around 2 grams of sodium. To lower the sodium you could back off to 1 teaspoon of baking soda and that would also require only 2 teaspoons of vinegar. 

FYI: the box mixes contain around 2 grams of sodium per box.


Babylon Is Falling

Babylon Is Falling

Siege and Destruction of Jerusalem - D. Roberts 1850

It already has. But the denial is strong.

What awaits in the near future is as yet unknown.

Even I hope for the best, but I know that it is futile because I (and many others) have seen these days coming. How could you not? 

The American dream was always a lie. People just cannot see how bad it is and how much evil has been done to prop up the American lie.

America has made so many enemies just to boost the level of the markets, the output of the oil fields, the square footage of the houses, the variety at the dinner table and the horsepower of the autos.

And the arrogance and complacency of the citizens.

There is a price to be paid and there are armies of people just waiting for the opportunity to exact that price.

You should have followed God instead of paying him lip service.

Universities full of degenerates and pulpits full of beggars wearing $3000 watches. How can it end well?

We have a front row seat to the greatest show on earth ever: The Second Fall Of Rome

And this time around it happens with lightning speed not centuries as before.

The Barbarians have torn down the gates and climbed over the walls. They have been elected to public office and they have found their way into government and military positions. They run the largest corporations on earth. The live next door to you. They are under your skin.

You are not just surrounded by the enemy, America.

You are full of it.

Babylon is falling is falling. And great will be the fall of it.

ex nihilo nihil fit

Nothing comes from nothing. 

The end time does not spring from a vacuum. It is built upon a structure that spans back to the beginning of human history. Paul called it "The Mystery of Iniquity." It is the conspiracy against mankind that uses mankind against itself. It has been with us all along. It drew mankind from the garden and led him to create a world fit for destruction. It built the Tower of Babel and it held the Hebrews as slaves for centuries. It destroyed the two temples and scattered the Jews and Israel. It founded America and it has waited patiently for its day. 

The Second Coming of Nimrod lies at the end of this road when he throws off the Great Whore 

They call it the "Big Apple" for a reason.

with help from his friends.

Few realize that the Statue of "Liberty" is Semiramis, the Great Whore of Babylon who carries a torch for her dead husband, Nimrod.

Still America refuses to see. What more must you see in order to "see"? 

Will America be just another chapter or will it be the final chapter in the long reign of the Mystery of Iniquity?

But the whole and final truth may be that the United States is not Babylon The Great in any context, but rather that the United States is just a daughter of a greater whore.

This modern world was created on a framework built largely by the United States in conjunction with the UK and the European elite. These constitute a "Greater" Babylon than the United States alone, which is a function of the schemes of those others and those in the shadow.

But I reason (for now) that where the US goes the world follows and for those with the right perspective that's not a good position to be in.


Stock Market Insanity?

Warning: IT IS SEPTEMBER 1929 RIGHT NOW...maybe

UPDATE 6-11-2020

Now we know why Trump's BLS (they need to drop the "L") released the bogus unemployment figure last Friday. They wanted to give the market a nudge upward so that all of the right people could exit on a high note.

************** end update

Are the markets insane? 

Some might say so, since they are shooting up despite historic social unrest and economic devastation.

But remember:
“The market can stay irrational longer than you can stay solvent.” - John Maynad Keynes
On May 14 the DOW bounced off of the 50 day SMA for a final time and began its trek upward.

On May 27 the DOW crossed the 100  day SMA and after dithering for a day or two began to creep toward the 200 day SMA.

On June 3 the DOW touched the 200 day SMA.

This trend is a strong indicator of continued upward movement. But why is it happening now?

Reading the market news on several sites I see the same old refrain that the markets are ignoring the present distress because they are looking to future earnings.

This is BULL and I do not mean bull market.

The markets are looking to nothing.

What is making the markets go up is money from the FED. That accounts for probably 1/3 of the increase that we are seeing. The next third is those in the know who are confident that the FED will buoy them until the appointed time. The balance of the increase is the know nothings (myself and other novices) who might get lucky for a short spell.

Why is the "leftist" nooz ignoring this glaring FED fact? You would think that they would be all over it if they really wanted to go after Trump. Maybe they are not the enemies they want us to think they are. This is one of those "indicators" that the drama between Trump and the Democrats/media is fake. The media and Democrats are playing along with Trump, Powell and Mnunchin on the FED lifting the market. They are all making money off of this scam. They are all scamming We The People.

The only news outlet that gets it right is ZeroHedge
Yet while everyone is confused as to why the Fed can continue doing what it does (as Eric Peters said over the weekend, "Stocks Are Going Parabolic For All The Wrong Reasons: The Fed Made A Massive Mistake"), including professional investors, there do occasionally emerge nuggets of clear insight such as the following excerpt from Benjamin Bowler:"Perception can become reality, as investors heavily trained since the GFC to not fight the trend, feel forced to chase. A risk then is succumbing to reflexivity - that is inferring fundamentals from prices and believing markets are correctly forecasting a rosy future, despite much needing to go right for that to be the case... Hence, the key in our view is appreciating the more likely drivers of markets here (a feedback loop fueled by the perception of quant + promise of policy + the fear of missing out) rather than letting buoyant prices seed overconfidence that markets can truly shrug off the worst recession since the great depression (something not seen in 90yrs)."
I think that due to FED action the DOW may continue to go up in the short term and might even cross the 30k mark this year.

But it is just too dangerous for me to mess around with the wider markets.

This is a time for surgical analysis not shotgun thinking. 

And a final thought: all of the politicians that are allowing this bull shit stimulus and QE to go forward are guilty of theft of the highest order. When the markets crash it is into the pockets of these people and their masters that the money shall flee. And that is the future of your children that they will have stolen. You can steal only so much from the future before you run out of time to steal it from and the future is now. When we reach that point, and we will, there will be an upheaval such as has never been seen at any time in history. They will probably try to make it look like something other than what it is (a global economic crash caused by them). You better prepare for it. It will make the Great Depression look like a dimple.


This Is Not David Bowie

This Is Not David Bowie

Yes, folks, that person above is not David Bowie. It is in fact Jack Steven talking about David Bowie, who had just died.

And if you think it is David Bowie, then you are certifiably nuts.


Christians Defending The Occult?

Christians Defending The Occult?

Pieter Bruegel the Elder - The Tower of Babel (Vienna)

Laura Ingraham was on FOX News complaining about University of Alabama professor Sarah Parcak providing detailed instructions for how to pull down the Washington Monument.

Ingraham claims to be a Christian. Since she is a Catholic I can understand why she is habituated to the occult nature of things like obelisks. The Catholic church loves such things and has been mixing paganism with Christianity since the time of Constantine. They have an uncanny knack for sneaking the occult into Christian worship. 

The Protestants are no better. The average Christian does not know the difference between "occult" and "cult" and thinks that they are the same thing. They have no interest in being aware of the tools that are used against them by the enemy. If they were to inform themselves about the occult they would see that they have been surrounded by it, which begs the question...can the very leaders of these churches possibly be ignorant? There are two possibilities, as I see it. They are indeed ignorant, in which case they have no business being Christian leaders. The only other alternative is that they know and they are silent making them wolves not shepherds.

There is an obelisk standing in St. Peters' Square in front of the Vatican:

St. Peter's Square and Basilica, 1909

To the Ancient Egyptians the obelisk was a representation of a ray of Aten, the sun. But it also represents the Phallus of Osiris. Osiris was cut into 14 pieces by Set and his phallus was cast into the Nile where it was eaten by a fish. Isis recovered all but the Phallus, so she made one out of stone.

That story was borrowed by the Egyptians from the legend of Nimrod and Semiramis and Nimrod's fall at "The Gate Of God." Perhaps some are familiar with the legend that God used Shem to destroy Nimrod at the apex of the Gate.

The obelisk in St. Peter's Square is from Heliopolis and is 4,000 years old. It was first erected in Rome just a few years after the crucifixion of Christ. The obelisk is encircled by two arcs of colonnade with the eight-point compass rose at its center. 

St. Peter's Square is a symbol of the conjugal joining of Osiris and Isis that produces Horus, Pharaoh.

St Peter's Square, Vatican City - April 2007 by Diliff (CC BY-SA 3.0)

The eight-pointed star was the symbol of the Mesopotamian deity Shamash. It is also associated with the goddesses Ishtar and Astarte from whom we derived modern Easter and which are alternate identities of Isis. These are also associated with the goddess Ashera mentioned no less than 39 times in the Old testament: 
2Ki 21:3 For he built again the high places which Hezekiah his father had destroyed; and he reared up altars for Baal, and made an Asherah, as did Ahab king of Israel, and worshipped all the host of heaven, and served them. ASV 1901
Some have called these pillars Baal's Shaft, because they were often  constructed atop altars built to worship Baal. Baal, alternately called Belus and Bel is also associated with Osiris and ultimately with Nimrod.

No Christian should shed a tear for the downfall of an occult obelisk. If the Christians were worth their salt they would have been the ones to tear those things down. Instead, they are completely ignorant of the nature of these things. The pastors of America have failed miserably. How can they be so blind (or is it a matter of collusion)?

It is very strange that it may be the Godless ANTIFA and not Christians who will end up destroying these anti-Christian objects while the self proclaimed Christians stand off to the side and cry about it. Today's Christians have no problem glorifying things that God hates.

But these objects are sanctioned by the largest "Christian" organization on earth, so they must be ok, right?

Good luck with that.


Chickens Coming Home To Roost In Big Blue Cities

Chickens Coming Home To Roost In Big Blue Cities

Read this article to the very end. Do not stop because something offends you. 

Please keep going until you get the complete picture.

I bet that those who warned of Marxist takeover in Russia in the early 20th century were ridiculed as conspiracy theorists or they would have been had the terminology existed.

This is all planned. 

UPDATE 6-8-2020

The Democrats came out with their law enforcement reform bill this morning. These pandering frauds want to pretend that the problem is "systemic racism" and not decades of Democrat Politicians and Democrat controlled police unions that have destroyed people's trust of police and served to increase crime in blue cities. 

The white democrats come out with the kente cloths draped around their necks, speaking in their best fake accents doing their best to convince people to blame anything other than the fact that Democrats have had total uncontested control over the cities with the worst police brutality records for decades. Do people really enjoy being patronized by these frauds? 

In all fairness, Donald John Trump was almost as bad pimping the Bible in front  of St Johns Church. It's the Democrat in him.

And can you believe that these idiots are actually trying to get rid of police? Who do they intend to call when there is a murder or a rape? If it is a rape that happens in Congress, then they can just dip into the Democrat rape payoff slush fund...yeah, it' a thing. But seriously, who will they call for serious crime that WILL skyrocket? A social worker? There are many areas of the United States that have great difficulty keeping social workers because the workloads are so massive and the working environment is so dangerous. Many locales have pushed to actually arm the social workers. 

Part of the problem with the Minneapolis Police Department to begin with is the fact that it is not funded well enough to pay for quality officers. One of the four officers involved in the George Floyd incident was hired despite having an extensive record as a petty criminal.  

What outcome do people think they will get by doing away with police completely? Things need to change, but this "defund the police" idea is highly irrational and if it goes through I predict cities begging for a police state sometime in the future. It will be just the latest bad policy decision for democrat controlled cities that have been making bad decisions for many many decades.

Sadly, once again Democrats are not thinking about the consequences of their knee-jerk reaction. They just want more power and will say anything to get it. 

And I promise you that not one of these Democrats will defund their personal armed security paid for by you.

********* end update

Democrat Controlled For Decades

All of the cities currently on fire in the United States and which have the worst police brutality records are long time Democrat strongholds. They have been solidly Democrat controlled for decades. The police unions in those cities are Democrat political machines. There is no way to lie out of these facts.

These cities released prisoners by the thousands to prepare for this. They all used draconian lockdowns to cut off incomes and destroyed lives to prepare for this.

New York leftists passed bail reform just last year to prepare for these staged riots:
As part of the New York State Fiscal Year Budget for 2019–2020, passed on April 1, 2019, cash bail has been eliminated for most misdemeanor and non-violent felony charges, "including stalking, assault without serious injury, burglary, many drug offenses, and even some kinds of arson and robbery."
This means that almost all of the rioters arrested in the New York riots were quickly released and paid no bail. The police are wasting their time arresting them and many are being injured or killed in the process. Why the hell bother pretending to be a policeman?

The spoiled rotten and worthless children of the lockdown crazy politicians are some of the leaders of the riots and looting that is going on. They are also leaking privileged information about police and national guard activities.

The Democrats that control these cities have made themselves and their cronies millionaires over decades through their corruption and schemes trafficking in drugs, weapons and human beings.

Yet the citizens of these cities have become ever more government dependent and hopelessly poor and without the capacity to provide for themselves. The only hope they have is in the lies of criminal politicians. But instead of helping the constituents that they already have these criminals traffic in streams of new government dependents from all over the world.

Democrats pretend to care about people, but they just use them.

Democrats blame their crimes on everyone else. They excuse whom they choose and come down like hell on those who cross them.

Democrats promise the masses of poor a free ride forever and when they run out of other people's money they create a storm of hoaxes and burn the system down through intricate networks of organized protests, mobs and riots.

Why Are Democrat Cities So Bad?

The last thing that these Marxists want is for people to turn to God.

They are like Marx himself who honored the god of this world.

Like Saul Alinsky, who was not joking when he dedicated his book to Lucifer, a book whose tenets we are seeing executed by community organizers all across the United States today:
Lest we forget at least an over-the-shoulder acknowledgment to the very first radical: from all our legends, mythology, and history (and who is to know where mythology leaves off and history begins— or which is which), the first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom —Lucifer. Saul Alinski from the dedication page of Rules For Radicals
They have removed that quote from the newer copies. The one on Google Books omits it. Wikipedia lies out of its butt saying it was never there.  I had a copy of the book decades ago, so I know it was there. This copy on wordpress shows it.

Why do these people who giggle like schoolgirls over ubiquitous pornography, the sexualization of children and the murder of the unborn bother to lie about Saul Alinski dedicating his book to Satan?

Do they lie just to stay in practice? Is it because it is just impossible for them with their seared conscience to tell the truth at all at this point?

Who knows? Who can tell what makes these insane perverts tick.

But make no mistake, their allegiance to Satan is at the root of all of this chaos.

It Takes Two To Tango

This is not to say that the right wing is any less evil. 

The two parties effectively control 95% of the population. The majority of Independents and other marginal party aligned persons get dragged one way or the other. The left and right are used to push through globalist agendas through a sophisticated game of deceptions and competing interests. 

The left does not bother to hide what they are with abortion, drug use and hatred for the family unit. 

The right panders to the religious and pretends to have Conservative values. What better way to get people to dedicate their children to the war machine? Make them think that it is God's will for their kids to spread depleted uranium all over the Middle East.

After all, America is God's country right?

But what god?

It's death and destruction, but it's Christian death and destruction, right? Churches filled with people who talk about "the terrorists" and yet have no understanding of the myriad ways in which "God's Country" manufactured those terrorists.

Let me tell you something, Jesus has nothing to do with this greedy God-bothering hypocritical monstrosity that calls itself America and covers itself with occult images.
Both sides, the left and the right, work together to dissolve the old order and to coagulate the destroyed system into a new creation, as they did with the first Civil War with Freemason generals on both sides.

But most Americans think all of these things in the news and happening all around them are unconnected to one another. "Shit happens" is what they say.

Well, somebody made this shit happen. All of it. 

In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way. - FDR

And it's all politics from Coronavirus to the riots and everything in between.

and what comes next... 

UPDATE 6-5-2-2- A Sane Person In An Insane City

New York assemblywoman: 'Absolutely outrageous' how NYC Dems are handling criminals:
New York Democrats' decision to redirect campaign donations from police and correctional officer PACs to bail funds and other mutual aid organizations is "absolutely outrageous," New York Republican Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis asserted Wednesday.
"And, to be honest, this has just added on to all the bad, lousy pieces of legislation that these very members passed that strip the powers from the NYPD to be able to do their jobs and make it more difficult," she charged. "They have created a sense of anarchy here where people feel that they can get away with it and, quite frankly, they are."
"And, the fact that you have the elected officials [who] are almost encouraging these criminal acts because…’Hey, if you get arrested, we'll come bail you out...As a New Yorker my whole life, it's horrible to see my city being under destruction right now because the elected officials are allowing it to happen," she told Kilmeade.

Almost encouraging criminal acts? No. 

This is all planned. Democrats are doing these things in a coordinated fashion. They are lawless criminals all of them. If they had their way they would disarm every law abiding and hard working citizen regardless of race and then impose their iron fisted rule. 

I have news for you, a lot of minorities are being murdered by these criminal rioters. A lot of minorities are having there livelihoods destroyed. These riots are orchestrated by a Marxist criminal underground to use as a smokescreen and have nothing to do with social justice.

These riots were planned for years and the criminals have mapped out exactly what they intended to hit. They have been communicating their plans through social media and encrypted channels. And this goes all the way to the top of the Communist Democrat Party.

Did you watch the recent remakes of Planet of the Apes? There is a surly character named Koba that plays a key figure in the films. But who is this Koba, really? Koba was the nickname of Joseph Stalin (aka Man Of Steel). Stalin started out as a bank robber for the Revolutionaries. You see? We are just writing another rhyming refrain in the history of Revolution. But do not try to tell me that these Hollywood Satanists have not been planning this for a long long time and incorporating Marxist themes into everything that comes out of that sewer. Planet of the Apes (and many many other films) is all about revolution.

It's 1917 all over again. Everything is ending. Time to wake up. The lawless one slouches toward D.C.

Michael casts out rebel angels. Illustration by Gustave Doré for John Milton's Paradise Lost.

In BvS the painting above is hanging on the wall of Lex Luther's mansion.

"Do you know the oldest lie in America, Senator? Devils don’t come from hell beneath us. They come from the sky." Lex Luther quote from BvS

"the first rebel"


Scumbag Governors Of The Day: Roy Cooper & Gretchen Whitmer

Scumbag Governors Of The Day


Roy Cooper is the governor of North Carolina. He is also a criminal, I mean Democrat. 

Cooper has instituted indefinite lockdowns in his state in a effort to destroy small businesses and put tens of thousands of hard working people on welfare where they belong (in his thinking).

Cooper's lockdown orders state that he alone has the discretion to end the lockdowns.

Cooper's (and other governors') lockdown orders are not enforcing any laws that are on the books. He is essentially making a new body of law. The governor is an executive branch position. Making laws is a legislative branch function. Governors making laws violates the Constitution in regard to separation of powers.

The governor of Michigan, Gretchen Whitmer, is also a strong believer in removing people from the job market and placing them on the dole where they can be more easily managed. 

She is also a disgusting hypocrite:
Whitmer admonished the people of her state to not travel over the Memorial Day weekend: A small spike could put the hospital system in dire straits pretty quickly. That’s precisely why we’re asking everyone to continue doing their part. Don’t descend on [waterfront] Traverse City from all regions of the state. full story: NYPOST
She is so concerned about not overwhelming the hospitals of Traverse City, right?


She was just trying to make sure that Traverse City was a quiet ghost town for her family to visit over the holiday. 

Whitmer's husband was videoed at the boat ramp dropping his wife's name in an attempt to get the family boat ahead of others who were waiting. He was not social distancing and he was not wearing a mask. He was breaking every rule that his wife made for the people of the state.

Governor Whitmer initially lied and stated that the incident did not happen until the video surfaced showing her husband dropping her name. Then she said that it was only a joke.

Is this the best that Michigan can do for a governor? A person who lies like a five-year-old? A hypocrite who tried to hire Democrat operatives to perform contact tracing? I do not know about you, but if the Mike Kolehouse crew knocked on my door asking questions I would politely ask them to go straight to hell.

It has become very difficult to find the video or even still images of this incident on Google because Google is controlled by Democrats who do not want We The People to have free access to information that exposes Communist Totalitarian Democrats. 

These people will drag you before Congress on a pack of lies, but when you show iron clad proof of their crimes an army of lawyers descends upon you like a plague of flies.


What To Do About A Lost COVID-19 Stimulus Payment

What To Do About A Lost COVID-19 Stimulus Payment

The material in this post is not guaranteed to help you rescue your stimulus payment from the bit bucket or thieves or whatever oblivion it may have fallen in to. The IRS sends these checks through normal mail not registered mail so we can expect a good number of them to disappear.

You can find a lot of information on the IRS website.

UPDATE 7-1-2020

I Faxed off my Form 3911. I do not know if LBC is operating right now or to what degree they are operational, but that is the method I would use if I had not faxed the doc. LBC will run you about $30, but ordinary postal mail would never make it to the destination. I used an Internet fax company to fax my form. I have used the same company for about ten years and it cost me $0.00 (hint) for the service and works like a charm every time. Do your own research to pick a free fax company. I have ZERO confidence that I will ever see any payout from the IRS. Pity...it would have been $2900 in my case.

Table Of Contents

    Using The IRS Get My Payment Tool 

    The following applies only if you already submitted a 2019 tax return. If you did not, then you can still use the non-filers tool.

    If you do not have a US bank account then you may be out of luck for direct deposit. The IRS can’t direct deposit money to a foreign account, according to an attorney at the FTC website.

    The IRS has done some work on the Get My Payment tool and will now accept the four digit Philippines postal code.

    Enter your Social Security #

    Enter your birth date

    The system will also accept the information of whomever you filed jointly with (I tried it and it works).

    When you enter your address it must be exactly as you entered it in your latest tax return.

    Then enter your postal code and press enter (and pray that it works).

    You may get the message that a check was already sent to your address in which case you will not be able to enter direct deposit information.

    Call The IRS EIP Hotline

    You can call the IRS Economic Impact Payment Hotline at 800-919-9835. 

    You will find that number on the official IRS website.

    The wait for a live person may be very long and you will most likely be directed to do one of the things listed below.

    If you do call the IRS please be very patient with them. The people at the IRS who are taking calls are not responsible for whatever hardships you may be having. The IRS has undergone simultaneous budget cuts and workload increases, so be understanding with anyone you talk to at the agency.

    Was Your Check Returned To The IRS?

    The IRS website Stimulus Payment Faq Page under "Payment Status: My payment was mailed weeks ago, but the Post Office was unable to deliver it. What should I do?" this note was added on May 28:
    If you have not received your payment within 14 days of the payment date, check Get My Payment periodically. If the IRS receives your payment back because the Post Office was unable to deliver it, we will update your payment status to “Need More Information,” at which point you will be able to enter your bank account information.If you don’t provide your bank account information, the IRS will hold your Economic Impact Payment until we receive your updated address. To update your address please see: Address changes

    Form 3911

    IRS added this note on June 9 regarding lost payments:
    Get My Payment shows that my Payment was issued but I never received it. How do I get a new one? (added June 9, 2020)
    If Get My Payment shows your Payment was issued but you have not received it and it has been more than 5 days since the scheduled deposit date (or more than 4 weeks since it was mailed by check (6 weeks if you have a forwarding address on file with the local post office; 9 weeks if you have a foreign address)), you should initiate a trace on your Payment by calling the IRS at 800-919-9835 or you may submit Form 3911.
    If you call, please be advised that you may experience long wait times or recorded assistance due to limited staffing. If you submit the form and you are Married Filing Joint, both spouses must sign the form.
    Note: If a direct deposit, check with your bank before initiating a trace to verify they did not receive the deposit. Do not request a Payment trace if you are trying to determine eligibility for the Payment or the amount of Payment you should have received. You must have been issued Notice 1444 or received a payment date from Get My Payment to perform a trace.
    Your claim for a missing Payment is processed one of two ways:
    • If the check wasn't cashed, you'll receive a replacement check once the original check is canceled.
    Note: If you find the original check and receive a replacement, you MUST return the original as soon as possible.
    • If the refund check was cashed, the Bureau of the Fiscal Service (BFS) will provide you with a claim package that includes a copy of the cashed check. Follow the instructions for completing the claim package. BFS will review your claim and the signature on the canceled check before determining whether they can issue you a replacement check.

    Note from the first paragraph that you should not initiate a trace until 9 weeks have passed (if you have a foreign address) from the date of payment shown in Get My Payment. The first checks were sent out on April 24, so no one should initiate a trace until June 26 at the very earliest.

    The process may take several months especially for expats.

    How To Fill Out The Form? 

    Form 3911 is supposed to for reporting a lost/stolen refund check, so it does not exactly fit the stimulus payment. The advice from the IRS is to fill it out the best you can.

    The following is my best guess at filling out Form 3911: 

    If you submit the form and you are Married Filing Jointly, both spouses must sign the form

    Write “EIP” on the top of the form and complete Sections I, II and III. 

    For "in reply to your inquiry on" you can enter the date you actually contacted the IRS or just the date you downloaded the form.

    For "about your Federal tax return for" you can enter "2020 EIP".

    For "We sent you the following refund(s)" enter the amount of the stimulus payment in the first space (if known).

    In the last line you can enter the date that the check or direct deposit was scheduled if you know it. The Get My Payment tool may show you this information or you may find out from alive person if you call the IRS.

    Mark whether it was a check or a direct deposit.

    "The U.S. Postal Service returned your check because they could not deliver it" - check it if you know for a fact that this happened, otherwise leave it blank.

    "Your check was not cashed within one year of the issue date as the law requires and it can no longer be cashed." does not apply.

    "If you did not receive the refund check, or if you received it and it was lost, stolen or destroyed, please complete Sections I, II and III." this is why you came here so check it and move to Section I.

    Section I 

    Fill out Section I with your information and that of your spouse if you filed joint.

    If you are like me and your address changed since you filed, then enter CURRENT ADDRESS here and the address you entered on your return will be entered as shown below.

    Make certain that you enter the address exactly as it is on the return.

    When completing Number 7 under Section I, check the box for “Individual” as the Type of return and enter “2020” as the tax period and leave the date filed blank. I would leave "Type of refund requested" blank.

    Section II

    For #8 I would check "I didn’t receive a refund," and then skip to #11 to enter bank information. #11 does not ask for a routing number, but I would enter one just the same along with the account number. 

    I would sign off Section III and skip Section IV as it does not apply to a check that I have never seen and for which the IRS can provide me no information.

    I intend to include a cover letter with the form explaining all of the details.

    Again, we are just taking a shot here. There is no guarantee that this will work, but it is the best option that some people may have at this point. I am going to try it. I intent to send the form through LBC to make sure that it gets to the IRS and fast. This will cost about $30.

    The form is to be mailed to the "Internal Revenue Service center where you would normally file a paper tax return." To get the precise answer for exactly where to mail your form you need to go to the IRS website and click the state you entered on your last return or click International. Next click the type of form you used last time around and that should take you to the proper mailing address. For an expat who filed a 1040 that address is:
    Department of the Treasury
    Internal Revenue Service
    Austin, TX 73301-0215
    On June 19 the IRS updated instructions for submitting Form 3911

    • You may now fax the completed form (855-203-7538 if you live in a foreign country).
    Even though you put your bank information on the form you may still receive any payment via Economic Impact Payment (EIP) Card (see below). 

    Economic Impact Payment (EIP) Cards

    The IRS website has added this note about debit cards to its EIP information page:
    Mailed Check Payments May Be Sent As Debit Cards. If the Get My Payment application says you’re receiving a check, your Payment may come as a debit card. Debit card Payments come in a plain envelope from “Money Network Cardholder Services."For more information, see Prepaid Debit Cards.
    This FAQ was added on June 4 in regard to EIP cards:
    A48. Individuals who have lost or destroyed their EIP Card may request a free replacement through MetaBank® Customer Service. The standard fee of $7.50 will be waived for the first reissuance of any EIP Card. Any initial reissuance fee charged to a customer from an earlier date will be reversed. Individuals do not need to know their card number to request a replacement. Individuals may request a replacement by phone at 800-240-8100 (option 2 from main menu).The Economic Impact Payment Card is sponsored by the Treasury Department’s Bureau of the Fiscal Service, managed by Money Network Financial, LLC and issued by Treasury’s financial agent, MetaBank®, N.A. If you receive an Economic Impact Payment Card, it will arrive in a plain envelope from “Money Network Cardholder Services.” The Visa name will appear on the front of the Card; the back of the Card has the name of the issuing bank, MetaBank®, N.A. Information included with the Card will explain that the card is your Economic Impact Payment Card. Please go to EIPcard.com for more information and additional FAQs. 
    If you call 800-240-8100,then after language selection you can select #1 for card activation or to speak with customer service. You will not be able to speak with customer service without a card number. 

    For a lost or stolen card you will select #2 after language selection. You will then be asked for the last six digits of your social security #. You will then be asked for your zip code. I do not know if this did not work for me because I do not have a card or if they are having the same problem with nonstandard postal codes that the IRS initially experienced.

    You can google the card or read about it here: https://www.kiplinger.com/slideshow/taxes/T054-S001-stimulus-check-payments-by-prepaid-debit-card/index.html

    The cards are provided by Meta Bank.

    There are fees for some services offered by the cards, but you can have all funds transferred to your bank account at no charge. 

    As an expat you may wish to have to have the card sent to your US mail forwarding address. If this is the case then you should have entered that as the first address on the Form 3911.

    It is possible that the mail forwarding company can scan the card and your pin, then you can register for an account on the EIP Card site and transfer the balance of the card to your bank account.

    Changing Your IRS Mailing Address

    See the IRS website for instructions.

    The Bottom Line 

    I hope that this page can help you to recover your lost payment. 

    The worst case is that someone stole and cashed your check or EIP card in which case you will need to follow the instructions for Form 3911 above and complete the claim package that the BFS will send you. Their graphologists are some of the best in the field and they will be able to determine if your handwriting matches the signature on the cashed check. Using this and other tools they will make a determination as to whether to grant you another check. I do not know how long the entire process takes, but I can see it ranging from six months to a year or even more. But eventually, if all goes well, you may get your payment.

    Is it worth it?