2020 Philippines Census: Expats Count

2020 Philippines Census

It Is Census Time Again In The Philippines

The Census begins and ends in the month of September.

Census taker was one of the hats I wore when I was working through college. I am well aware of the very common antipathy for filling out the Census questionnaire.

Did you know that in the US you can be fined for refusing to fill out the Census questionnaire?

The Philippines also takes the Census very serious, so serious that Section 25 of  Republic Act 10625 is referred to twice on the front of the Census questionnaire:

Obligation to Provide Information. – The National Statistician shall determine whether a statistical inquiry or survey to be conducted is with or without an obligation to provide information. If such obligation is stipulated, all respondents whether natural or legal persons shall be liable to reply to the statistical inquiry or survey. This section applies to all statistical inquiries or surveys conducted by other statistical offices in the PSS.
A lot of times the Census takers like to sit down with each individual and fill out the form. The Census taker will probably be someone you know who is from your own community, so they will probably let you have a copy to fill out at home at your leisure. 

There is nothing too invasive about any of the questions, but I understand the appeal to personal privacy that some people may put up. 

Still, responding to the Census is the law of the land and as the front page of the questionnaire states, under RA 10173 data privacy does not apply to the material you are asked to disclose for the Census.

Your answers are confidential, but like I said there is nothing too juicy in there. Your neighbors probably all know that you have a flush toilet and a fridge.

After you complete the process, the Census taker will place a sticker on your residence noting that you have been counted.   


doctor said...

you post a pic of the census, but not the questions, so you are hiding them, and if you are hiding, then you are obfuscating the truth. the garbage about the toilet and fridge is a lie. sitting down with ANYONE who goes from house to house is inviting a covid infection, and your article DOESN'T even address the issue! if your "community" comprises a million or more people, chances are good you will NOT know who is taking the census. telling everyone that it is the law is something EVERYONE already knows. i do hope you learned a much better job skill in college, because a journalist, you are NOT!

Fernando said...

Doctor, my wife is a census taker. Anyone who has done the census knows that the questions about the fridge and indoor plumbing are on it. You clearly do not know what you are talking about. If you have an issue with the census being done, then take it up with the government. LOL so many nut cases these days

pd said...

Dear Doctor, before I make another post I will submit a draft to you for comments.

You might want to contact the other 50 million blogs out there to make sure that they are posting according to your standards.

Glad we could help.

Maria Aguilar said...

The work that census takers do is identical to the work of contact tracers. They just ask different questions. So guess they got to stop contact tracing by mr doctor logic (or lack thereof). Not to mention the fact that they are not sending census takers out in places under granular lockdown due to active cases.

If you (mr doctor) think that you wil spread covid by talking to a census taker, then you are not qualified to be a doctor (unless you are one of those who does not know the difference between RTK and PCR and who go around labeling every fever, headache and cough as coronavirus infection).

Why are there so many rude and brain damaged trolls like doctor on the Internet?

Psychology Today says it is because they are mentally ill sadists.

unknown said...

"if your "community" comprises a million or more people, chances are good you will NOT know who is taking the census."

Hey, dumbass, do you think they have a single person surveying a millions people? They want to minimize commuting so they are selecting people to survey their local area and it is broken down a lot finer than by million, idiot.