Philippines Immigration Annual Report 2020

Philippines Immigration Annual Report 2020

All registered aliens living in the Philippines (except Temporary Visitor’s Visa holders or Tourist Visa holders) are required to report to an immigration office during the first 60 calendar days of the year. Annual Report 2020 (AR 2020) will be conducted from January 1 to February 29. Take note of any national or local holidays and weekends because immigration offices will be closed on those days (like January 1).

When you report you will be required to present your ACR-I card and passport and you may also be asked to submit copies of your card (front and back) and copies of your passport data page and visa stamp. I take copies of my wife's PSA stamped birth certificate, our PSA stamped marriage certificate.these are not listed as requirements for reporting, but there have been anecdotal stories of these and other items being requested. It is easy enough to just bring the copies and be prepared. It would also not hurt to bring along a copy of the receipt for the previous year's annual report.

Be sure to obtain an official receipt documenting payment of the Annual Report fee. These receipts are required when you renew your ACR-I card or have it replaced.

Check out the full guidelines for AR 2020 that include exceptions to personal appearance, locations for reporting and more. Also view the 2019 Directory of Transactions for a complete listing of Immigration offices and services available at each of them.

Have the exact amount of 310 PHP ready to pay to avoid any problems with making change.

You have previously executed your annual report at one immigration office and you are not able to do it at that same office this year or maybe you are just curious about visiting a different office. There is no problem with that. First check the 2019 Directory of Transactions to make sure that the Immigration office that you want to visit supports the annual reporting service.

When I went to a different location I had to fill out an information card like this one:

Notice on that second image that you will need a recent 2x2 photo (bring two just in case).


Paul said...

Hi there. Just an update note about annual alien registration. My fee for first time registration was a straight P300 by the way. First time registration now requires logging into an online portal to obtain a number. The page containing the number has to be presented with the other documents. Not sure about other offices, but in Dumaguete had to return one week later to receive the receipt (an had to go and obtain a photocopy of it to take back to them, the cheeky beggars!). Cheers.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Paul

Is this the page where they had you enter your data?


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