90% Fully Vaccinated Portugal Declares State Of Calamity

90% Fully Vaccinated Portugal Declares State Of Calamity


Portugal falling apart as vaccine debacle proves failure:  
Costa said that "the first measure to be taken is the reinforcement of the vaccination campaign with the booster dose."
"The government has acquired in time the requisite amount of vaccine doses to be administered to each Portuguese," Costa said, adding that the country is "prepared to vaccinate eligible children."

Makes perfect sense.  Vaccine shows no effectiveness at 90% of the population fully doomed, so jab more people with ever more jabs. Make the spike proteins spew from their eyes.


Like the several US states, such as New York, that restricted the young and healthy and made them social distance and wear two masks, even as they packed nursing homes with covid positive people and allowed the old and sick to die by the tens of thousands. They did not allow them to die. They murdered them.

A population that sits still for this is under judgement. They have eyes and do not see. They have ears and do not hear. Therefore they line up to be injected with spike protein, which is the same material responsible for much of the pathogenesis in the virus itself.