IRS Free File Fillable Forms & FBAR 2020

IRS Free File Fillable Forms & FBAR 2020

The FBAR e-filing system is available right now, but I will wait and submit my FBAR when I complete my 2019 tax return. 

I will update this post when the IRS makes FreeFile Fillable Forms available. 

Fillable Forms were scheduled to roll out on January 21, but have now been pushed back to January 27. 

Update 2-2-20

I used The IRS Free Fillable Forms last night. If you do not trust that link, then you can go to the IRS website first and click on it from there. Before you use Free Fillable Forms it is a good idea to check out the list of available forms and known limitations on the IRS website.

It took less than one hour for me to create an account and do my taxes with Free Fillable Forms. Make sure you turn off any script blocking add-ons and allow pop-ups so that the website will work correctly. The forms do not do everything for you, like TaxAct and other commercial Free File sites do. I had to transfer totals to the 1040 from a couple of attached forms. Other than that it works fairly well.

When you digitally sign your return you will need your AGI from last year and the pin you used as well. If you were a joint filer you may need the other person's pin too.

After digitally signing and submitting my return to the IRS I received a confirmation immediately. About 30 minutes later I received an email stating that my return had been accepted.

Only use Free Fillable Forms if you are confident about doing your own taxes and you know all of the forms that you will need to attach to your return. Unlike Free File providers, Free Fillable Forms will not make any form suggestions based on your input. 

See the in-depth article on FBAR filing

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