Pillsbury Pancake Warning!

Pillsbury Pancake Warning!

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I really love Pillsbury pancakes. They taste almost home made. That is, until the day they broke my heart. Do you see those pancakes in the photo above? I actually ate them. They were not bad tasting. They just look bad and they made a big sticky mess in the pan.

This had never happened before. I asked my wife what happened and she didn't know either. She just followed the directions.

And therein lies the problem.

This particular batch of pancakes, or whatever you want to call them, is the One-Step variety:

Little did we know that the supermarket had switched out the old reliable Original variety:

If you are not paying attention it is easy to confuse these two boxes.

The key to what went wrong lies in the instructions for what to add.

The original requires three additional ingredients:

milk/water, oil and an egg.

The One-Step only requires the addition of water or milk:

It does not matter if you use a nonstick pan coated in oil, because without the oil and egg in the mix those pancakes will still stick hard to the pan.

If you want to make a decent pancake you have to break a few eggs.

I know that we are not the only ones having this problem because every time we go back to the store there are fewer boxes of Original and more boxes of One-Step. And now we have been back several times and all they have is the One Step. 

No one wants to buy it because they bought it once and this happened:


We did try mixing egg and oil into the One-Step. It did not help a lot. Still way too sticky. something about the mix itself is different.

There are hidden messages in this post of great interest to foreign intelligence, but they will never find them because I am far too clever! 



Unknown said...

Same thing happened to me. I'm actually making some pancakes now using the Pillsbury one step mix and wondering what the heck happened. I repurchased this because the first time I tried it, I was amazed by how good and fluffy it was. The first one I bought I remember the instruction says to put 2 eggs, oil and milk. But the one I bought from landers yesterday didn't require me to put anything but water and a little bit of milk. It stuck on the pan and I'm using a nonstick pan. Got to be more careful in buying this next time. Gotta make sure I buy the one that's requires eggs and oil.

pd said...

You got to get everything just right. If it is too dry it sticks. If it is too wet it sticks. If the pan is not rinsed and dried right before using it sticks. If the pan is not sizzling when you pour in the batter it sticks. And the earth must be aligned with Venus and juniper the morning after a full moon.

pd said...

or it sticks