Micro-Suction Ear Cleaning In The Philippines

Micro-Suction Ear Cleaning In The Philippines


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I recently had the pleasure of undergoing the micro-suction procedure for a clogged ear. I applied ear drops to the ear for a few days prior to the the procedure to soften the cerumen and the doctor applied some bubbly peroxide stuff again for 30 minutes before the procedure. 

I had been reading horror stories on the Internet regarding bad experiences with micro-suction, so I was a little apprehensive. My apprehension peaked when I saw the metal suction tube and the metallic cone (called a speculum) that is placed in the ear to focus the suction of the tool.

speculum used is micro suction of the ear
ear speculum
There was some discomfort and it was loud and there was some pain. There was, in all honestly, a lot of pain. However, the procedure was quickly over and the offending clump was extricated and I was endowed with mutant-like super hearing for a couple of days.

Every little sound seemed extremely loud for two or three days. Every creak and squeak of the door hinges was like an explosion in my ear. The waves gently lapping the beach a hundred yards from my window (which I had scarcely noticed before) now sounded like D-Day.

Another nice effect was the musical ear tinnitus that showed up the first night after the procedure making sleep all but impossible. The Internet tells various stories about the tinnitus related side effects that sometimes follow micro-suction ear wax removal. Some people say theirs lasted for months, years or forever. Other people say that it dies down within a few days to a couple of weeks. It has been several days now and my tinnitus does seem to be growing lower and lower and hopefully it will soon be gone. The super hearing is going away too.

And the cost of the procedure?



Janie said...

where did you get the microsuction done?

Anonymous said...

It was done at a provincial doctor's office. There are some details that I do not wish to add. Any doctor visit should be engaged with a good deal of discernment and discretion. You cannot visit the doctor without your senses tuned in. All doctors in general have a conflict of interest. The cheapest and most swift resolution of illness runs against a doctor's financial interest. Some overcome this conflict with strength of character and some do not.

Anonymous said...

Also, make sure that you go to an EENT. A general practitioner/family doctor will have limited equipment and training and will probably not be able to do more than to look into the ear and perhaps prescribe a wax softener. I have not have good experiences with a GP digging around in my ears. Some GPs in the Philippines will just refer you to an EENT.

Kujo said...

Dr referred my wife for a surgery she did not need. Found out that the Dr who would have done the operation was his relative.

Have innumerable stories of Drs keeping people on maintenance meds for made up ailments. It's a wealth program for the DRs.

9 times out of 10 education and diet changes is what people need. Not statins or other drugs. But there is no money in telling people to stop eating pork fat.

Many clinics run pharmacies and the Dr prescribes medicines that only his pharmacy carries and all prices in the clinic pharmacy are inflated in general.

Some are not licensed for pharmacy but still sell meds.

They take advantage of the public's ignorance and get angry when you ask questions. Thy are not used to being questioned because most people treat them as if they are some kind of god.