Colin Powell Dead From "COVID"

Colin Powell Dead From "COVID"


Former US Secretary of State and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs has died from complications of COVID-19.

And in the same article we have a one line statement, "Powell's family said he had been vaccinated."

So much anecdotal evidence. But we are not allowed to say it out loud. 

It must be the fault of the unvaccinated. It could not possibly be the sacrosanct efficacy of the fetal cell line shots.

This story is another double dose of propaganda. They get to blame the unvaccinated and add one more death to the stats to push the fear.

A doctor on FOX News was irate that people are blaming the vaccine for Powell's death. "How dare you," she moaned in her best Greta Thunberg voice.

She went on to state that Powell's age and weakened immunity from cancer treatment had made him susceptible. She slipped up when she added that the vaccine further weakened his immune system.

If this is the case, then why the hell was it given to him? We were told early on that pregnant women and the immunocompromised should not be vaccinated. Now they change. Why? More money perhaps? 

We were also told that the Pfizer vaccine was required to be kept at almost -100F. They have now increased it to just below zero. This is a win win for the vaccine makers, because if the vaccine fails they can just blame the unvaccinated with help from complicit media.

I have never had to sign my legal rights and protections away before getting a vaccination. Not until now. That tells you they know exactly what they are doing. 

They tell you that you cannot shop or hold a job unless you get it, then make you indemnify them when you do get it. All for something created and released by the United States government for the explicit purpose of making us all pharmaceutical slaves for life.

Back to the subject of Powell, I would like to take the opportunity to correct some of those criticizing him for the role he played in the Gulf War.

Powell is remembered for his statements on weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Powell was correct about Iraq having such weapons. It was the United States that sold Iraq chemical precursors and dual use lab manufacturing equipment. Powell was part of the clean up crew and he knew what he was talking about.

It was those materials that are to blame for the Gulf War Syndrome whose existence was denied for so long. Sound strangely familiar?

It's all in the Riegle Report from 1994.

If you read the report you will find that much of the material was not located during the first incursion. 

There is nothing groundbreaking here. It's all out there on the net and has been on the net for decades.

No one cares. They could burn down the whole damned world and no one would care.

I am looking at my vaccination card that shows five blank spaces for anthrax. Counting my blessings.

Cure or disease? Can I see what is behind door #3? Weaponized herpes. Just my luck.