DENR Survey For Land With No Title

DENR Survey For Land With No Title

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If you have land that is not titled, then you need to contact DENR. DENR may  perform a subdivision survey. Understand that the information in this article is generic and some of the items herein may not apply to your specific case.
  • The land in question must be zoned residential.
  • There can be no dispute or conflict as to who is the rightful owner.
  • Cost may vary for survey and titling process.
  • DENR in some locations may not have adequate personnel to perform the survey right away or at all.
  • The entire process can take anywhere from three months to one year (be proactive).
  • When the process is complete the owner shall receive an Original Certificate of Title (OCT).
Again, this is for land that has no title. If your land has an OCT or TCT already, then do not believe FaceBook posts telling you to contact DENR for a free or very cheap survey.


Angeline said...

Hi I want I buy a lot. I found one but only tax declaration and no title. What should I do

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