How Do You Find God?

How Do You Find God?

Through logic?

Through evidence?

What does the Word of God say? 

The Just shall live by faith. Not by evidence. Not by logic.

We walk by faith not by sight.

Without faith it is impossible to please God.

There will always be a gap between the evidence and Biblical truth.

Faith will always be the only bridge for that gap.

When you reject faith and look instead to the world and science for an answer you will find an answer.

You will find a wrong answer, because:

“There Is A Way That Seems Right To Man…” 

That is how God has designed the world and your life.

You simply must take the leap of faith and believe what God has said in His Word.

There is no other way to please God or to find God.

When you are a believer and you have faith everything is evidence of God.

Conversely, when you are lost nothing is evidence of God.

Faith is required for salvation and to restore you to God.

Proof destroys that. If there was real proof of God to be found through science or logic, then faith would not be required. The gap would be bridged by iron clad facts.

But that is not the reality we live in.

Faith And Faith Alone Pleases God 

And that faith begins with rejecting humanistic reasoning and accepting God at His Word in those things that seem impossible.

Faith in man’s devices, in your own devices, will never please God and can never find God’s truth.

To the saved person the logic gap in God’s account is an opportunity for faith.

To the lost it is a stumbling block.

Do not stumble in your faith.

There is an internal struggle that takes place when we are at the precipice of one of these very important Biblical assertions that seem to make no sense. Our human understanding wants to search for a way to make the pieces fit. 

When you find your self at one of those places just remember that faith is required. 

Stop looking for secular answers to insert in between what the Bible says or in place of what the Bible says. 

Insert faith instead.

Just believe God.