The Philippine Blackberry Bush

The Philippine Blackberry Bush

blackberries in a blackberry

Update 2-2020

As DaneDane points out in the comments, this is not the same as what many, myself included, consider to be a blackberry bush. This is a mulberry bush, as opposed to the blackberry that many of us are familiar with. As that first link points out, it is still proper to call the bush above a blackberry, as it is only a name common within localities.

end update*******

My wife and daughter harvest blackberries almost every day from late April through the end of May.

They gather the beautiful fruit by the handful.

The blackberry fruit ripens quickly and almost jumps off of the branches. 

Our dogs love ripe blackberries as much as we do and wait for them to fall.

The local birds also love to eat our beautiful blackberries and give us some competition, but there are always plenty of blackberries for everyone who wants them.

blackberries on branch

Our blackberry bush is growing vigorously and I think that it will continue to grow even bigger. 

We can always make cuttings and create as many bushes as we have room for.

a large blackberry bush

We plant blackberries by cutting a short piece of branch at least 4-6 inches long and planting it in moist sandy soil. That is how our now giant blackberry shrub started out.

If you ever have the chance to plant a blackberry bush be sure  to place it in good soil and water it every day.