Suez Canal Blocked By 400m Taiwanese Container Ship

Suez Canal Blocked By 400m Taiwanese Container Ship


This is big news and I will be adding to this post soon so this is a placeholder.

The ship is grounded about 10 miles north of the southern entry to the canal from the Gulf of Suez.

I believe this could be a chess move rather than an accident.


1. The nature of the accident: the 1300+ foot vessel is grounded on both sides of the canal. I do not see how this is an accident.

Was the GPS spoofed?  

Surface vessels, from fishing boats to container ships to deep-water oil rigs, depend crucially on Global Positioning System (GPS) signals for navigation, station keeping,and surveillance [1]–[4]. GPS, its ground and satellite-based augmentation systems, and other Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) are used as a primary maritime position-fixing system. They are an important maritime navigation aid even for vessels actively piloted by human operators, except in familiar littoral waters such as port entry and within natural orman-made channels where conventional optical navigation is used. Moreover, as surface craft become more autonomous, the trend is toward increased reliance on GNSS: current autopilot systems, dynamic-positioning systems, and fully unmanned surface vehicles are designed under the assumption that GNSS signals are usually available and trustworthy [2], [3], [5],[6]. Even autonomous underwater vehicles typically depend indirectly, or periodically, on GNSS [7].

Hostile control of a surface vessel by GPS spoofing was demonstrated in the Mediterranean Sea in June of 2013. The authors were invited to conduct the unprecedented experiment aboard the White Rose of Drachs, a 65-meter super yacht.A key component of the experimental setup was a portable GPS spoofing device developed at the University of Texas at Austin [14]. The spoofer continuously received authentic GPS signals from an antenna on the ship’s upper aft deck, and transmitted counterfeit GPS signals towards the ship’s GPS antennas, located above the bridge as shown in Fig. 10.

And this is interesting:

It wasn't immediately clear what caused the Ever Given to turn sideways in the canal. GAC, a global shipping and logistics company, described the Ever Given as suffering “a blackout while transiting in a northerly direction,” without elaborating.

2. The ship is operated by Taiwan based shipping company Evergreen Marine Corp.

3. The Suez canal is NOT vital to U.S. Navy.

4. The Suez canal IS very important to China's Belt and Road initiative.

5. The Suez Canal is vital to EU/China trade:

Finally, the region’s geography and transport network are also important to Chinese westward expansion in the long run. For example, around 40% and 15% of China’s oil and gas imports, respectively, travel through the Strait of Hormuz. Moreover, China’s massive exports to Europe rely heavily on the Suez Canal: Every year, around 60% of Chinese exports travel through it. The importance for China of the Suez Canal and other transport routes in MENA (Middle East/North Africa) is shown by the fact that about 20% of all Chinese investment in the MENA region has been directed toward the transport sector (Figure 4).

The ship is only expected to be trapped for a few days, so if it is a chess move it is not a major one yet, but this can change rapidly. 

I am calling it: chess move against China.

UPDATE 3-27-2021

There is now no doubt in my mind that this was on purpose, based upon the ships' maneuvers immediately prior to entering the canal. The ship traced out a pattern that represents an metaphor for a giant ship entering a narrow canal (just read the story at the link). 

I do not see how the crew, in particular the pilot of the ship, could not have known something was amiss. It took quite some time for the ship to make those strange movements. 

I also find it strange that all of the articles on this matter are addressing it in such a matter of fact way. This development shows there is obvious foul play involved, but no one brings this up. They are all like, "hmmm, that is odd... but completely normal and not suspicious at all." Almost like the guys who did it are also producing the news copy.

Four pilots are needed to navigate the canal and at least one of them must be an Egyptian. There is a fine for using a non-SCA pilot without permission.



Watch now as they play the "it's free it's not free" card. Like the gun control mass shootings. It's always multiple shooters until they ultimately claim lone gunman. Yes, it is the same scumbags behind all of this mess. Pay attention, kids. We're dropping truth bombs here.

I find it noteworthy that among the international teams showing up to free this ship that China is nowhere to be found. This despite the fact that China is the biggest loser in this blockage.


As you probably know, they refloated the ship. At $400,000,000 an hour it cost $60 billion in lost trade over the last week. 

They say strong wind is the cause of the accident. These winds reached gusts of 31 MPH. That would put the sustained winds at the time of the event right around 20 MPH. 

Does that sound like something unusual? Does it sound like the kind of wind conditions that four highly trained professional pilots should have not been able to account for and deal with?

Do you believe that a 31 MPH gust of wind caused this

Some woke folks in Europe will not be getting their pizza and hotdogs on schedule.

Attention People Of Earth: Voters Wanted!

Attention People Of Earth: Voters Wanted!


Apply within!


Minorities have long been chained to the Democrat party in the United States, but increasingly they are waking up to the scam that it is. 

People are waking up to the lies that Democrats feed people about race because they have no real solutions, but only want power and money.

People are waking up to the destruction that Democrat policies have caused in big cities all across America as Democrat politicians loot their way through public funds.

People are waking up to the race baiting that Democrats have been engaging in forever and particularly lately with their white supremacy garbage.

The Democrat media has been showcasing violence against Asian Americans of late, while hiding the fact that most of it is committed by African Americans. The Democrat media leaps for joy at the chance to plaster a white face all over every news channel as the poster child for white supremacist violence against Asians. 

But any statistical source you would care to consult will plainly show you that it is blacks not whites who are most likely to commit acts of violence against every race, including other blacks. This is the case even though the black population of the United States is only about 1/4 of the white population.

Are the statistics racist? Maybe the statisticians are racists. Maybe I am a racist for pointing it out.

But the better question is why are blacks so violent?

The answer is simple. Over 50 years of Democrat psychological and sociological warfare against black communities, black families, black children and black babies.

Abraham Lincoln was the first Republican president and he freed blacks from their southern Democrat masters.

The KKK was started by Democrats in a desperate attempt to bring back their good old days:

Historian George C. Rable argues that the Klan was a political failure and therefore was discarded by the Democratic Party leaders of the South. He says: The Klan declined in strength in part because of internal weaknesses; its lack of central organization and the failure of its leaders to control criminal elements and sadists. More fundamentally, it declined because it failed to achieve its central objective – the overthrow of Republican state governments in the South.
Did you get that? 

The purpose of the white supremacist KKK was to overthrow Republicans and the Democrat Party ditched the KKK only because it failed to do that! 

Jim Crow Laws were the Democrats last ditch effort to keep blacks in their place .

Democrats tried and failed to block the Civil Rights Bill of 1964:

The passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was a significant event in converting the Deep South to the Republican Party; in that year most Senatorial Republicans supported the Act (most of the opposition came from Southern Democrats).

Hard to believe that this information has not been wiped from the Internet, but it still exists even on left leaning wikipedia. 

The canned response that lying Democrats use to escape responsibility for the actions of Democrats in the past is "oh but the Democrats became the Republicans and the Republicans became the Democrats." Does that make logical sense? For that to happen both parties and all of their members would have to be complicit in the trick. Is anyone stupid enough to believe that this is what actually happened?

Are you stupid enough to believe it?

Democrats have always been the racists. For the last few decades they have been pursuing power by morphing into race baiters as well.

Racist Democrat policies destroy the black family.

Racist Democrat abortion clinics kill black children by the millions. Abortion is only one of the ways in which Democrats eliminate the evidence of how they fail black communities and families in general.

Marxist Black Lives Matter carved their hatred for the black family in stone on their website. They eventually had to remove the statements about disrupting the nuclear family due to massive backlash.

But where did they get the idea in the first place?

Destruction of the nuclear family is straight out of the Marxist playbook.

BLM gets its position on the nuclear family and many other topics from Friedrich Engels:

If "old white guys" are the problem, then doesn't BLM have a bit of a disconnect here?

The last thing that Marxists want is strong families and strong communities. They want everyone to be dependent on GOVERNMENT.  

But is it really possible that BLM could actually be a conspiracy against black people? Would blacks really stab other blacks in the back?

They did it before. 

How did the slaves get to the Americas? They were brought in white owned ships. They were then sold to white plantation owners and other white businessmen.

But how did they get to those ships to begin with?

According to John K. Thornton, Europeans usually bought enslaved people who were captured in endemic warfare between African states. Some Africans had made a business out of capturing Africans from neighboring ethnic groups or war captives and selling them.

Blacks sold other blacks into slavery

Can you see the striking analogy to what black Democrat politicians are doing to black communities right now? Selling them right down the proverbial river.

Black Republican Joe Collins shines a blinding light on lying Democrat Maxine Waters:

Sadly, even if Joe Collins won he would not be able to change anything or get anything positive accomplished. There are so many corrupt Democrats embedded in the system that they would sabotage everything he would attempt. They all have a vested interest in the status quo. They are all stealing the public blind.

South Carolina Lt. Governor Mark Robinson is waking people up to the Marxist Democrat agenda:

Political Scientist Carol Swain is waking people up to the Marxist Democrat agenda:

Blacks are waking up to this crap. And so are Hispanics and so are Asians. So are all minority voter groups.

This is why democrats are desperate to import millions of new voters before they lose their loyal voterbots... before they lose so many slaves that even their cheating cannot cover it.

This is why they encourage families south of the border to send their young children on dangerous unaccompanied journeys to the border in the care of the cartels. When they get to the United States the Democrat Party will make sure that the entire family gets imported to the USA. That is...if those children can make it to the US alive. How many did not? We will never know and Democrats will never care.

It is a strange time we live in now where we can witness the Democrat Party putting African Americans on a pedestal while simultaneously throwing them along with other minorities under the bus in favor of a new crop of dupes.

In time this new block of illegal alien soon to be Democrat voters will also be thrown under the back of the bus by lying Democrat politicians.

Lying Democrats only care about votes...real and fake votes.

A leopard cannot change his spots but you can always count on a democrat to change his lies to suit the times.

partisan rant off

This is all part of the great overarching plan.

It is natural for you to presume that I must be a republican to say these things. You must understand that both sides are complicit in what is going on.

It is subtle but it should be obvious to you (if you are thinking critically) that Republicans are part of the same agenda as the Democrats.

The crimes of Democrats are monumental. Yet the right side does nothing. The right side wrings their hands and claims to be bound by rules. The right side claims they cannot act as the founders would have because that would make them terrorists. 

So what? So what if Marxist terrorists label you as terrorists?

In 1964 Barry Goldwater said, "Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice" and he was absolutely right.

But now we have a tepid, docile conservative shill faction that cannot move an inch because of "the rules."

Edmund Burke said, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing,” but I would say that all that is necessary for evil to triumph in today's political environment is for men who only pretend to be good to claim to be hemmed in by an arbitrary and oppressive set of rules and laws (that their feigned adversaries totally disregard), thereby allowing their feigned adversaries to run rampant over liberty.

I am not advocating anything, but merely explaining.

It is very possible that a fascist nationalistic upswelling will come of all of this. It has happened before and that was planned too.

Burn It To The Ground

Burn It To The Ground



"This is a revolution. Let’s take this (expletive)! This (expletive) is ours! Let’s burn this (expletive) down!" - the words of John Sullivan who is a BLM and ANTIFA activist videoed at the US Capital on Jan.6.

We will soon see a major crisis in US border states. 

No, this is not due to the elimination of mask mandates in states like Texas. It is due to hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants who are streaming into the United Socialist States of America to solidify Democrat criminal power and hasten the destruction of US sovereignty.

Unlike citizens of the United States who are forced to quarantine when they test positive for the lab made virus, thousands of illegal immigrants are testing positive and are being allowed not only to enter the United States, but to also roam freely wherever they wish with absolutely no restrictions.

This is murder and it will lead directly to the infection and death of non US citizens and also US citizens. It will also lead to a massive breakdown of social services and medical facilities as thousands of sick illegals and their US citizen victims overwhelm hospitals in border states.

For a government to do this to its own citizens during a pandemic crisis that Democrats helped to create with China is a criminal act of the highest order.

But there is no hope for stopping it. The Marxists will not be deterred. The masses will not open their eyes to the dark future in store for them at the end of this road.

The Marxist plan is initiated in blood every single day in scenes like this one that unfolded in California with twenty-five illegals crammed into a single vehicle

Murder, rape, forced child prostitution and God knows what else happens by the thousands and tens of thousands every year along the US southern border among the criminals who profit from the desperation of the poor and the corruption of American politicians who together with American oligarchs and their central and south American counterparts created the crushing poverty and despair prevalent south of the US border. 

The lying Democrats say that violence in migrants' home countries constitutes grounds for asylum in the United States. Yet, the nations that these hoards come from are safer than New York City, Chicago, Baltimore, Washington D.C., Los Angeles and many other American cities...cities where these migrants will end up eventually (and become Democrat voters/slaves). 

This is not about compassion. The Democrat party aborts over 2,000 unborn children in the United States every day FOR PROFIT selling the organs and other leftovers of dead babies. And now they are using U.S. tax payer dollars to fund child murder around the world.

Lying election stealing Marxist Democrats have no compassion.

Just look at these degenerate criminals:

House cancels Thursday votes amid security threats at Capitol

Pr 28:1  The wicked flee when no man pursueth: but the righteous are bold as a lion.

There is no and was no insurrection. No one is plotting against these degenerates (except for their own).

They are paranoid because they know the evil they have done and they know there is a price to be paid for it and they imagine that price coming down on them with every shadow and rustle of the wind.

And now these Democrat scumbags are saying there is a credible threat of a militia assault on the Capitol today, March 4? Really? They have Fort Pervert (formerly known as the US Capitol) surrounded by security fencing and thousands of soldiers and yet they say that a credible threat exists for a right-wing attack? Bull sh*t! More likely they will be attacked by the National Guard soldiers if they keep feeding them rotten food with metal shavings and making them sleep on the parking lot floor.

If you are a Democrat voter this is not to offend you. It is to open your eyes. I am not political. I point out the objective truth of the criminality on all sides. If you truly know what is happening there is no way you can support it unless you are too stupid to see where it ends or too corrupt to care. 

No wonder more and more states are legalizing every kind of illicit drug. They want you all to be too stoned out of your minds to care about the world burning down all around you.



The benevolence is palpable. 

I can feel the love. Can you feel the love?

(for my friend in MNLM)

I have not told the whole story of what is happening with the United States. Most Americans do not understand it and this is why they participate in its systems. I have met foreigners who get it because what is being done to America is global and there are a lot of smart people who have discerned it. 

Keep in mind that this is not political. Politics are the cover for what is going on. And it really is not Marxist or Communist either, although I use those words often. Those are means to an end. 

You will notice that the top tiers of Marxist/Communist regimes look exactly like any oligarchy anywhere no matter what political and economic systems are in place. The diverse political and economic systems are the tools that oligarchs use to control diverse populations. 

One of the most important tools or perhaps tricks of the oligarchy is to misdirect the anger of the poor onto the middle class, rather than upon the oligarchy who more rightfully deserve it.

At least fifty members of the House and Senate are worth more than $10,000,000. But these people are not the oligarchy. They are just part of the "millionaires funded by billionaires" smokescreen.

Representative Democracy has become a zombified servant to oligarchy through unbridled greed and avarice. It is no longer what we are led to believe it is, much less what it was designed to be.

Christians should understand why this will always be the case. Just look what happened to Israel and they had the very truth in their midst. The very priesthood became prostitutes for mammon.

We are witnessing the unfolding of judgement upon the United States and upon the entire world.

Something is going on, people! You had better open your eyes!


but most of you never will