We have departed the Philippines for now. We still have many photos and stories so posts will continue once or twice per month.

I have done most of what I set out to do with this blog and I may only rarely return from now on.

Below are the most important posts, as I see it.


pd said...

Sorry, but I have no one to refer. We never dealt with realtors, as we handled everything ourselves. You would need a lawyer who is near the location where the property is (IMO).

This site has some information:

I would not trust a third party to handle the process for me. When you transfer title there will be many documents that you will need to sign and have notarized and it will be difficult to do that if you are not in the Philippines. Also, you never know what might be going wrong with the transaction if someone else is handling it.

If at all possible you should come to the Philippines and handle it personally.

Also, make sure that the taxes are being paid in the meantime.

Miko said...

"trustworthy lawyer"