Everywhere You Go Now Filthy Masks Thrown On The Ground

Everywhere You Go Now Filthy Masks Thrown On The Ground


America's "health officials" lol

Know what I am talking about? I know you do.

Those face masks we are told stop death itself.

They are supposedly full of deadly SARS CoV 2.

Yet, piles of them are everywhere.

And the governments do not care about these masks full of deadly virus.

In a lab setting they dispose of those masks in a biohazard container due to the risk they present. But magically there is no threat when they are thrown all over the place in an urban setting.

I guess our leaders don't believe their own lies. We know they don't. They constantly flout the laws they force on everyone else. 

We were in a big Democrat run city just days ago and I must have counted scores of filthy masks in a two block stroll. 

Yet they say the healthy have to take the risk of getting vaccinated with an experimental vaccine that has a bad track record and all variants of it are connected in one way or another to fetal cell lines.

We are being brow beaten to inject this crap into our veins "to protect others" yet the government allows these piles of filthy deadly virus covered masks to accumulate everywhere. Isn't that a risk?

The only "risk" that matters is that which can be used to coerce people to join the vaccine cult.

And none of these vaccine dope dealers want to be responsible.

The doctors don't, the governments don't and the vaccine manufacturers do not want to be responsible for adverse effects caused by their products. They make you sign a waiver releasing them from all responsibility. So safe and effective that no one wants be responsible for short term effects much less long term effects (for which there is zero data because these shots have been rushed).

Try to make your employer sign a document making them responsible for the shot they are making you take. They will not do it. And even if they did good luck finding a doctor who would ever commit career suicide by linking any problem that arises to the vaccines. 

And further, this is who we are being asked to put our health at risk for:

For over 5% of these deaths, COVID-19 was the only cause mentioned on the death certificate. For deaths with conditions or causes in addition to COVID-19, on average, there were 4.0 additional conditions or causes per death.

The information above is from the CDC and it is written to be deceptive to the casual reader. It says "more than 5%" of deaths had only covid on the death certificate. This means less than 6% died only of covid (according to their death cert.), which means more than 94% had comorbidities and those who died with comorbidities had on average four comorbidities contributing to their death. But all of these people went into the covid death stats to drive them up.

Not only do facts like this warrant vaccine refusal, but this kind of obfuscation of facts warrants enormous skepticism. They did not want the ">94% of deaths have 4 comorbidities" statement to stand out, so they simply did not state it plainly. They did not overtly lie, but they confounded the truth with weasel phraseology. 

The vaccine cult would never analyze statements like this to get at the truth. 

That statement six months ago lacked the 5% covid only part. At that time the average number of comorbidities was shown as 3.8 with the 5% with no comorbidities lumped in. They pulled it out because they thought doing so obfuscated the truth better than stating that the entire cohort had 3.8 comorbidities.

But let us get to the more fundamental question of why they said the healthy need take the clot shots to protect those who cannot take them. They told us that the shots would prevent us from contracting and spreading the disease.

WHO top scientist admits this is a lie

Fouder of GAVI, Bill Gates, admits this is a lie:

"only slightly reduce transmission" - Gates on covid vaccines

The CDC Director admits it is a lie.

So what is the real reason we are being forced to take it when the stated reasons are all lies?

And what else are they misleading us about? Only everything.

These lying scumbags are now backtracking on those who they said could not take the shots and now are forcing more and more people out of the exception category.

It's bull$#it. Something is up and it gets more obvious every day. Many people know what it is because we believe what these people have been saying for many years and now we see them doing it.

This is how you know the Marxists never actually intended to defund the police. If they do that, then who will beat the hell out of vaccine refusers? Who will help them kill the people to save the people?

Make no mistake, those pushing this agenda are evil to the bone. 

Evil and greedy.

These people don't get big payouts from the street sweeper lobby.

Big Pharma on the other hand....

And one more thing. Most of those filthy disease ridden masks were filthy long before the wearers discarded them. They are filthy with just about every pathogen except SARS Cov 2. People are making themselves sick with filthy masks and that is fine with the fools who make the rules. They call everything covid anyway & just jack up the cycle threshold on the PCR.

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