Philippines Expat Guide To Viewing Your US IRS Account Online

Philippines Expat Guide To Viewing Your US IRS Account Online



This year when I did my taxes on FreeFillableForms I ran into a snag when it came time to enter either my pin or AGI from last year. I did not have the pin and the AGI was not accepted. 

Once I was able to get into my IRS account I found out that I had typed a 9 instead of a zero in one of the fields on the 1040. The IRS had the correct AGI, but I did not.

I will take you through the process I went through in obtaining the online IRS account. 

Key points:

  • You really need a US based mailing address
  • It is best to have a US based cell account in your name that shows on your credit report. If you do not have one of those, then you can still get an online account just with added steps.

You begin on the IRS account creation page:

Here you can see all of the tasks that an online account will allow you to execute.

Click "create or view account" to go to the next page where you can begin the sign up process:

After you read this one click continue:

The current address mentioned below should be a US address:

If you have all of that info click yes to go to the next instruction page:

You are going to need an active US based credit card or loan in order to sign up. If you have that, then click yes to go to the next page.

Here is where it may get complicated for you, as it did for me:

The phone number you use must be a US based cell number. This cannot be a land line, a friend or family member, magic jack or Google Voice. This has to be a cell number for an account registered in your name that shows up on your credit file. If you do not have one of those, then you will need to have a special PIN mailed to your US based address.

On the next page you just enter you name & email address to get an initial email verification code:

On the next page enter the code if you received it and advance to the next page:

Enter personal info:


Note: your address and other information entered above must be exactly as you entered it on your return.

On the next page enter your credit info for an account that can be found on your credit report:

Sorry, but I do not have images for the last few pages. 

If you have a suitable credit account and are able to advance to the next page, then enter your US based cell number if you have one. If you do not then follow the prompts to have the IRS send a PIN code to your US based mailing address.

I had the IRS send my code to my mail forwarding service. After about a week the code arrived and I had them scan the letter and email it to me.

With that in hand all I had to do was return to the login page, this time using "Log in":


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