welcome to babylon (America)

welcome to babylon (America)



While patriots were busy pledging the flag, fighting wars for Wall Street and only talking about their rights

The borders were being dissolved

The cities were being destroyed

The monetary system was being debased

And your children were being taught Marxism and told they were the opposite gender by teachers who chose education degrees because "STEM is racist (yes, these dumbasses actually said that)."

While patriots were looking back to an America that never existed and trusting Hollywood actors with banker benefactors to bring back mom and apple pie

A new system was being air dropped, air brushed, back masked and deep faked into place

Sometime in the not too distant future the last old deluded patriot will be put to rest

Either by a multicult mob or by some harried policeman suffering from PTSD on account of oppressors of his own

A new old pharaoh will take his seat atop the pyramid and America will be great again

A great big god damned abomination again

Like it has always been

And the new New World Order will begin


see you then

I mean now


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