USA Drug Enforcement Is a Joke

USA Drug Enforcement Is a Joke


TSA personnel at the Houston airport made a huge bust:

The smuggling attempt was revealed via an unidentified lump inside of the food during a routine x-ray screening of carry-on luggage on April 2. TSA officers asked to inspect it further, requesting the traveler to unwrap it.

Under protest, the traveler unwrapped it and officers could see a dark object in the middle of the burrito. A second X-ray of the food revealed black tape and a large organic mass, according to KPRC, the NBC-affiliated TV station in Houston.

Wow! They seized a whole nugget of crystal. Great job guys. 

Security theater at its finest.

Meanwhile, at the border:

Border Patrol is stretched so thin that we have miles and miles of completely unprotected border where they can just bring the drugs in en masse,” Carroll warned, explaining that the drug traffickers are actually exploiting the “humanitarian thing” by sending migrants to cross in one area and sending drugs over another area while Border Patrol is distracted apprehending the migrants.
Talk about straining out nats and swallowing drug stuffed camels.

And from the same article, "over 400 tons of Afghan heroin enters the US every year."

You can be sure that an equal amount of meth, cocaine and everything else makes it through as well.

If you are a citizen, then bend over and submit to your complimentary FBCS. 

But if you are in the United States illegally you don't even have to show an ID to fly

And it is the politicians that Americans trust who are behind it all.

Want to see mass confusion? Have one of the illegal border crossers call someone the wrong pronoun. The Justice Dept will not know whether to prosecute them or buy them a Bel Air mansion. 

This is what you get after generations of people have been weened on concentrated Satanism. A people bent on their own destruction and the destruction of everyone around them.

Godspeed, Gentlemen.

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