US Navy Punked By Aliens

US Navy Punked By Aliens


Or is the the US Navy punking us yet again about drones/UAVs/UFOs.

One of the dumbest remarks from this latest report is:

"no indications" that the mystery aircraft were extraterrestrial. 

This is a leading statement that aims to plant the UFO idea in the reader's brain. It's a red herring.

Another problem with this article is that the objects are repeatedly called UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) and drones.

How do they know this? Why are they presuming these things to be unmanned? Because they are tiny? Maybe there are tiny aliens inside of them.

The biggest problem with this story is that there is no mention of the Navy firing on these objects.

After the U.S.S. Cole incident there is no way "drones" would be allowed to get close to a US Navy ship. Any such drone could be and would be destroyed. Consider the 2018 Caracas Drone Attack and ask yourself why these multiple objects that swarmed multiple US Navy ships for multiple days were never fired upon even once.

It makes no sense...

Unless they were not only drones, but US military drones.

Were these ships ordered not to fire? That detail is not mentioned in the story.

The logic walk leads us to only two conclusions: the one just stated and alternately this is just hogwash from the US military. Would not be the first time. But if that is the case, then the question is the motive.

For now I am going with the first possibility. This was a test of experimental drones and the ships had been ordered not to fire on them for this reason although the nature of the objects being US assets was not shared with the general crew members.  But if you listen to some of the dialog from other Navy sightings it seems apparent that they know these things are ours.

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