That They Should Believe A Lie

That They Should Believe A Lie


It is extraordinary to me the things that people are willing to blindly believe in these days. Everywhere you turn so many lies are being told. And the lies doe not even make sense. Not if you are keeping track of them. Science and government and media and education is full of lies and liars and the liars have no conscience at all. If you confront them they become indignant. 

Yet most people just believe. They never bother to verify. Maybe they google up snopes or some other lying garbage to assuage their faint apprehension. But they are just looking for any justification to believe the lies. 

Google is full of lies and won't even let you see the truth most of the time. When they do it is in a strategic interest to lead you back into some other lie.

The masses of people have such tremendous faith in the lies and the liars.

But they don't believe in God.

They will put any vile concoction into their bloodstream and pray to Pfizer or some other ghoulish mega-corporation for protection.

But not God.  

They will not humble themselves before God but they will let the liars humble them and then ask for more.

So many people never received a love of the truth. 

They rejected it when it was offered.

So what comes next makes perfect sense. The biggest lie that will ever be told.

And most of you will swallow that one too.

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