Suez Canal Blocked By 400m Taiwanese Container Ship

Suez Canal Blocked By 400m Taiwanese Container Ship


This is big news and I will be adding to this post soon so this is a placeholder.

The ship is grounded about 10 miles north of the southern entry to the canal from the Gulf of Suez.

I believe this could be a chess move rather than an accident.


1. The nature of the accident: the 1300+ foot vessel is grounded on both sides of the canal. I do not see how this is an accident.

Was the GPS spoofed?  

Surface vessels, from fishing boats to container ships to deep-water oil rigs, depend crucially on Global Positioning System (GPS) signals for navigation, station keeping,and surveillance [1]–[4]. GPS, its ground and satellite-based augmentation systems, and other Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) are used as a primary maritime position-fixing system. They are an important maritime navigation aid even for vessels actively piloted by human operators, except in familiar littoral waters such as port entry and within natural orman-made channels where conventional optical navigation is used. Moreover, as surface craft become more autonomous, the trend is toward increased reliance on GNSS: current autopilot systems, dynamic-positioning systems, and fully unmanned surface vehicles are designed under the assumption that GNSS signals are usually available and trustworthy [2], [3], [5],[6]. Even autonomous underwater vehicles typically depend indirectly, or periodically, on GNSS [7].

Hostile control of a surface vessel by GPS spoofing was demonstrated in the Mediterranean Sea in June of 2013. The authors were invited to conduct the unprecedented experiment aboard the White Rose of Drachs, a 65-meter super yacht.A key component of the experimental setup was a portable GPS spoofing device developed at the University of Texas at Austin [14]. The spoofer continuously received authentic GPS signals from an antenna on the ship’s upper aft deck, and transmitted counterfeit GPS signals towards the ship’s GPS antennas, located above the bridge as shown in Fig. 10.

And this is interesting:

It wasn't immediately clear what caused the Ever Given to turn sideways in the canal. GAC, a global shipping and logistics company, described the Ever Given as suffering “a blackout while transiting in a northerly direction,” without elaborating.

2. The ship is operated by Taiwan based shipping company Evergreen Marine Corp.

3. The Suez canal is NOT vital to U.S. Navy.

4. The Suez canal IS very important to China's Belt and Road initiative.

5. The Suez Canal is vital to EU/China trade:

Finally, the region’s geography and transport network are also important to Chinese westward expansion in the long run. For example, around 40% and 15% of China’s oil and gas imports, respectively, travel through the Strait of Hormuz. Moreover, China’s massive exports to Europe rely heavily on the Suez Canal: Every year, around 60% of Chinese exports travel through it. The importance for China of the Suez Canal and other transport routes in MENA (Middle East/North Africa) is shown by the fact that about 20% of all Chinese investment in the MENA region has been directed toward the transport sector (Figure 4).

The ship is only expected to be trapped for a few days, so if it is a chess move it is not a major one yet, but this can change rapidly. 

I am calling it: chess move against China.

UPDATE 3-27-2021

There is now no doubt in my mind that this was on purpose, based upon the ships' maneuvers immediately prior to entering the canal. The ship traced out a pattern that represents an metaphor for a giant ship entering a narrow canal (just read the story at the link). 

I do not see how the crew, in particular the pilot of the ship, could not have known something was amiss. It took quite some time for the ship to make those strange movements. 

I also find it strange that all of the articles on this matter are addressing it in such a matter of fact way. This development shows there is obvious foul play involved, but no one brings this up. They are all like, "hmmm, that is odd... but completely normal and not suspicious at all." Almost like the guys who did it are also producing the news copy.

Four pilots are needed to navigate the canal and at least one of them must be an Egyptian. There is a fine for using a non-SCA pilot without permission.



Watch now as they play the "it's free it's not free" card. Like the gun control mass shootings. It's always multiple shooters until they ultimately claim lone gunman. Yes, it is the same scumbags behind all of this mess. Pay attention, kids. We're dropping truth bombs here.

I find it noteworthy that among the international teams showing up to free this ship that China is nowhere to be found. This despite the fact that China is the biggest loser in this blockage.


As you probably know, they refloated the ship. At $400,000,000 an hour it cost $60 billion in lost trade over the last week. 

They say strong wind is the cause of the accident. These winds reached gusts of 31 MPH. That would put the sustained winds at the time of the event right around 20 MPH. 

Does that sound like something unusual? Does it sound like the kind of wind conditions that four highly trained professional pilots should have not been able to account for and deal with?

Do you believe that a 31 MPH gust of wind caused this

Some woke folks in Europe will not be getting their pizza and hotdogs on schedule.

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