It's Official. Democrats Suck.

It's Official. Democrats Suck.


Republicans suck also. They are two agencies of the same cult. But Democrats suck way more.

Who actually voted for this crap? If you did, are you retarded? Seriously, are you stupid? 

You got a few thousand for covid (which Fauci, the Democrats and China caused), but every illegal family is getting tens of thousands from uncle sham.

They refuse to open up schools for citizens, but they are sending teams of teachers to teach illegals.

I think the schools being shutdown is a good thing for the kids. The parents should go their own way and ditch the school system (which has been broken for many years) permanently. Bad thing is that the Marxists will still make you pay for hapless illegals to be wokenized and turned into the next generation of useful idiots.

And look what they are doing with the money.

Democrats are moving toward a universal basic income with no work incentive (stupid people are happy). Simultaneously, they are pushing the largest tax increases in history to penalize those who do not believe in collecting a check for sitting on their butt.

Democrats are bringing the bottom up two millimeters and the middle down ten miles. The meeting place in between is Marxism with no hope to ever extricate your self from its quagmire. 

A select few will sit at the top of the empire. The promise of moving up will be used as it always has been used in such regimes to entice people to destroy their own family members and friends in service to the party. 

Those of you with no conscience will go far.

Watch what I tell you: Mr. Trump's pile of money will not be touched other than to throw more money on the pile for a job well done.

Don't get me wrong. It could have been no other way. 

This was planned long ago.

the night and the fog awaits us all

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