Attention Democrats Who Read This Blog

Attention Democrats Who Read This Blog


You are the ones who were SCREAMING about social distancing and demanding everyone wear four masks.

You are the ones demanding that state economies be locked down and lives destroyed to save humanity from COVID.

You are the ones who have been defending the Draconian and ofttimes murderous actions of Democrat leaders across the United States (even as those same leaders disregard their own rules).

You are the ones demanding that everyone should be vaccinated.

NOW there are hundreds of thousands and soon to be millions of people streaming into the United States  through its southern border. A great multitude of them we know are COVID positive.

The vast majority of them will never be tested for COVID.

None of them will ever be vaccinated. Not one of the stupid and corrupt Biden officials is breathing a word about vaccinating these people.

These throngs are huddled together. There is NO social distancing. They are in squalor. If they are wearing a mask it is a filthy one that will likely cause them to develop pneumonia.

And you are silent.

Where is your "follow the science" crap now? The truth is that you never did believe in it. This is all about control and domination of other people.

And before I go let me revisit the remark above about vaccination.

Why the strong push to vaccinate the citizens and now silence on vaccinating the illegals? 

It is Democrats who FORCED nursing homes in several states to take in COVID positive patients resulting in the deaths of tens of thousands of US citizens.

It is Democrats who are bringing in thousands of COVID positive illegal border crossers and releasing them into the the nation with no restrictions whatsoever. This too will result in untold deaths of US citizens. 

That's a pattern. And now it's treason.

Meanwhile, the illegitimate Biden administration has ordered staffers to avoid calling the border situation what it is, a crisis. What's one more lie to criminals who have told millions of them.

UPDATE 3-30-2021

Mexico revises coronavirus death toll up by 60%, suffering second-most deaths globally...

Biden admin not testing children in packed border facilities where migrants can't social distance...

So of course, let's just let them all in so they can spread it. It doesn't matter who suffers or who dies.The Demarxists need new voters since the old dupes are waking up too fast.

Meanwhile, US citizens are being told to wear multiple masks and getting beat downs for not social distancing. As more and more American streets turn into war zones (as Democrats like it).

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