Is The US Anti-Immigrant?

Is The US Anti-Immigrant? 

I recently saw several Filipino women on CNN talking about how anti-immigrant the US is because it protects its border and enforces immigration laws. 

These women are in the US and they are Democrats. I wonder if these women understand that the Philippines is more strict about immigration than the US is. 

Of course they do know this, but they are Democrats and will therefore say anything that benefits themselves personally truth be damned. 

We know of a family who flew to Mexico and attempted to enter the US illegally. They think they have the right. What would happen to you if you did this in the Philippines? It is not hard to find out. The Bureau of Immigration webpage and the news are full of people who were arrested, jailed and or deported for doing such things. 

Does this make the Philippines anti-immigrant?

No. It most certainly does not.

A nation has not only the right, but the responsibility to protect its border and its citizens and to control immigration through an orderly process of law.

But people who want to parasite off of the US will say anything. 

They are the kind of people who defund the police and then call the police to save them from the mobs. 

Or like the defund the police moron who called the police on a Lyft driver who refused to roll up his windows. She blames white supremacy, instead of her own entitlement mentality. Yes, I am sure the Lyft driver wanted to crack his windows because he is a Nazi. Makes sense doesn't it? I guess she never heard of COVID19.

Open borders and defunded police are just a small part of the credo of the stupid. Stupidity, criminality and the entitlement mentality are unsustainable, but once these seeds are planted in young minds they are all but impossible to remove and they become a ticking time-bomb for a society. Who doesn't love free s#it? But getting things for free is not good for the human spirit and it does not build character and integrity. It creates a society of dependents who are slaves addicted to the free s#it machine. That is exactly what Communists (the arch-Capitalists who run the Democrat party) want.

And when these psychopaths get the power they want the free s#it machine grinds to a screeching halt. Then you get the gulag and the bread line. That is what is coming to America all thanks to entitlement mentality useful idiots, like the ones mentioned at the beginning of this post.

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