Babylon Is Falling

Babylon Is Falling

Siege and Destruction of Jerusalem - D. Roberts 1850

It already has. But the denial is strong.

What awaits in the near future is as yet unknown.

Even I hope for the best, but I know that it is futile because I (and many others) have seen these days coming. How could you not? 

The American dream was always a lie. People just cannot see how bad it is and how much evil has been done to prop up the American lie.

America has made so many enemies just to boost the level of the markets, the output of the oil fields, the square footage of the houses, the variety at the dinner table and the horsepower of the autos.

And the arrogance and complacency of the citizens.

There is a price to be paid and there are armies of people just waiting for the opportunity to exact that price.

You should have followed God instead of paying him lip service.

Universities full of degenerates and pulpits full of beggars wearing $3000 watches. How can it end well?

We have a front row seat to the greatest show on earth ever: The Second Fall Of Rome

And this time around it happens with lightning speed not centuries as before.

The Barbarians have torn down the gates and climbed over the walls. They have been elected to public office and they have found their way into government and military positions. They run the largest corporations on earth. The live next door to you. They are under your skin.

You are not just surrounded by the enemy, America.

You are full of it.

Babylon is falling is falling. And great will be the fall of it.

ex nihilo nihil fit

Nothing comes from nothing. 

The end time does not spring from a vacuum. It is built upon a structure that spans back to the beginning of human history. Paul called it "The Mystery of Iniquity." It is the conspiracy against mankind that uses mankind against itself. It has been with us all along. It drew mankind from the garden and led him to create a world fit for destruction. It built the Tower of Babel and it held the Hebrews as slaves for centuries. It destroyed the two temples and scattered the Jews and Israel. It founded America and it has waited patiently for its day. 

The Second Coming of Nimrod lies at the end of this road when he throws off the Great Whore 

They call it the "Big Apple" for a reason.

with help from his friends.

Few realize that the Statue of "Liberty" is Semiramis, the Great Whore of Babylon who carries a torch for her dead husband, Nimrod.

Still America refuses to see. What more must you see in order to "see"? 

Will America be just another chapter or will it be the final chapter in the long reign of the Mystery of Iniquity?

But the whole and final truth may be that the United States is not Babylon The Great in any context, but rather that the United States is just a daughter of a greater whore.

This modern world was created on a framework built largely by the United States in conjunction with the UK and the European elite. These constitute a "Greater" Babylon than the United States alone, which is a function of the schemes of those others and those in the shadow.

But I reason (for now) that where the US goes the world follows and for those with the right perspective that's not a good position to be in.

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