Stupid Person On The News

Stupid Person On The News

I just saw a very stupid person on the news. A reporter was asking her about 24/7/365 surveillance on  people in the United States. The lady's response was "I don't do anything wrong, so I am ok with it."

What a shame that America has become so damnably stupid.

Many Americans are willing to give up all of their Constitutional rights because "they don't do anything wrong."

Such stupid people seem to think that the Constitution is designed to protect those who have done something wrong. It ends up doing that a lot of the time, but that was never the intent. They seem to believe that ordinary people have no real need for Constitutional protections because they "do nothing wrong."

Or maybe they just have a fundamental misunderstanding of how the world works. Maybe school failed them. The education system failed to teach them what the Founding Fathers of America knew about human nature. Maybe it failed on purpose because it is controlled by the very people from whom those rights are designed to protect you.

You have Constitutional rights to protect you from people in government who do wrong.

The Founding Fathers understood history. They understood that human government throughout history tends to fall toward tyranny. They designed the American system of government to defend against that tendency. It has been warned against for centuries. And there continues to be a constant desire among many to grasp for and accumulate power by any and all means.

Did you know that? Did you know that there are criminals in government? Some of them are psychopaths who have no conscience. There are criminals and psychopaths in your political party. You have probably been fooled by some of them and voted for them.

Psychopaths do not foam at the mouth. They don't run around screaming and pulling their hair out. At least not on camera.

They smile for the camera. They tell you all the lies that you want to hear and that you will defend with your life. They promise you the world at other people's expense. They all follow the same game plan whatever their party.

The Constitution exists to protect you from these predators.

One thing that the Constitution cannot protect people from is their own ignorance and stupidity. The Constitution cannot protect people from themselves. The Constitution cannot protect you from willfully giving away your liberty.

The greatest shame is that such people will be the death of freedom for us all.

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