Scumbag Scientist Of The Day

Scumbag Scientist Of The Day:Anthony Fauci

Maybe I am being a little harsh with Dr. Fauci. I don't think so. He has made some really bad moves and gotten a total pass. Back in January he was pushing the China/WHO line that there was nothing to worry about. And he never has been taken to task over the research that he funded in Wuhan.

Not only did Anthony Fauci fund the Wuhan coronavirus research, now he is telling us that sex with strangers in the midst of what he calls the greatest health crisis in recent history is just fine.

Scumbag judges will jail you in Dallas for doing people's nails, but the head of the COVID-19 Task Force says it is just fine to DO PEOPLE you just met.

We can't have the vital abortion industry grinding to a halt because people aren't screwing strangers for fear of COVID-19!

Both things actually support the same agenda if you know what is going on.

Small consolation that the judge was slapped down by the Texas Supreme Court. Can you believe that the scumbag told her that if she apologized to the politicians he would not make her go to jail? Throwing a working mom in jail while they are letting murderers and pedophiles go free. 

From the same people who approve of defecating on the sidewalk in California, but make plastic straws illegal.


No wonder these same people want to make home schooling illegal. Home schoolers might not learn to have sex with strangers. They might not grow up to worship government. They might not grow up to provide raw material for the abortion industry.

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