Scumbag Lawyer Of The Day

Scumbag Lawyer Of The Day: Alan Dershowitz

Scumbag lawyer Alan Dershowitz thinks that people should be required to take a Coronavirus vaccine.

Dershowitz is the same scumbag who helped Jeff Epstein to get off.

Dershowitz states that no one has the right to circulate in society putting others at risk by not being vaccinated.

This is a morally and logically vacant position.

If you are so scared of the virus then you go volunteer for the vaccine. Belly your entire family up to the bar for theirs too.

Then you have nothing to fear from the unvaccinated. Problem solved. Your "personal responsibility for public welfare" argument is dead.

But this again is not about the safety of society. 

Remember, China and the WHO lied about many things in the early stages allowing the virus to spread. China allowed millions of Wuhan citizens to leave China and fly all over the world when they knew that the virus was out of control. The Trump administration continued to allow flights from Wuhan for weeks when they knew there was a dangerous virus circulating. China, The WHO and many Democrats cried RACISM when flights were finally stopped. Democrat governors in multiple states forced nursing homes to take in SARS-CoV-2 positive patients resulting in thousands of deaths among the MOST VULNERABLE population. Democrats in multiple states are releasing violent criminals because prison is too risky for their health even as they are throwing innocent citizens in jail for Coronavirus rule violations that are based on restrictions that likely violate the Federal and State Constitutions.

COVID-19 has never been about anyone's health or safety when it comes to those pushing the mandatory vaccine.

A lot of people have gained a lot of power from COVID-19.

A lot of people have become and are becoming millionaires and billionaires due to COVID-19.

The vaccine makers, their investors and the politicians who will force vaccines upon everyone will be made filthy rich by mandatory vaccinations.

That is what this is about. 

As always: money, power, politics and just plain old joy of shoving it down your throat.

Now we know why Donald Trump is planning to use the military to distribute the vaccinations.

If Jeff was still alive (ahem...) and he was charged with a crime for refusing the coming mandatory vaccine do you think Dershowitz would be his defense attorney?

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