Scumbag Governors Of The Day: Roy Cooper & Gretchen Whitmer

Scumbag Governors Of The Day


Roy Cooper is the governor of North Carolina. He is also a criminal, I mean Democrat. 

Cooper has instituted indefinite lockdowns in his state in a effort to destroy small businesses and put tens of thousands of hard working people on welfare where they belong (in his thinking).

Cooper's lockdown orders state that he alone has the discretion to end the lockdowns.

Cooper's (and other governors') lockdown orders are not enforcing any laws that are on the books. He is essentially making a new body of law. The governor is an executive branch position. Making laws is a legislative branch function. Governors making laws violates the Constitution in regard to separation of powers.

The governor of Michigan, Gretchen Whitmer, is also a strong believer in removing people from the job market and placing them on the dole where they can be more easily managed. 

She is also a disgusting hypocrite:
Whitmer admonished the people of her state to not travel over the Memorial Day weekend: A small spike could put the hospital system in dire straits pretty quickly. That’s precisely why we’re asking everyone to continue doing their part. Don’t descend on [waterfront] Traverse City from all regions of the state. full story: NYPOST
She is so concerned about not overwhelming the hospitals of Traverse City, right?


She was just trying to make sure that Traverse City was a quiet ghost town for her family to visit over the holiday. 

Whitmer's husband was videoed at the boat ramp dropping his wife's name in an attempt to get the family boat ahead of others who were waiting. He was not social distancing and he was not wearing a mask. He was breaking every rule that his wife made for the people of the state.

Governor Whitmer initially lied and stated that the incident did not happen until the video surfaced showing her husband dropping her name. Then she said that it was only a joke.

Is this the best that Michigan can do for a governor? A person who lies like a five-year-old? A hypocrite who tried to hire Democrat operatives to perform contact tracing? I do not know about you, but if the Mike Kolehouse crew knocked on my door asking questions I would politely ask them to go straight to hell.

It has become very difficult to find the video or even still images of this incident on Google because Google is controlled by Democrats who do not want We The People to have free access to information that exposes Communist Totalitarian Democrats. 

These people will drag you before Congress on a pack of lies, but when you show iron clad proof of their crimes an army of lawyers descends upon you like a plague of flies.

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