Is This Effect A Future Headline For COVID-19?

Is This Effect A Future Headline For COVID-19?

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The novel coronavirus  can bind to cells through the ACE2 receptor. I had read that the male testicles have an abundance of ACE2 possibly leading to great damage as the virus invades this region of the body.

I wondered if this might cause sterility. In my search I found the result above. Google only returns the first 32 characters in a search snippet of the article, so the entire key phrase is this:

" So, not only does COVID-19 appear to target the kidneys, but also possibly certain cells in the male reproductive system, which may later lead to sterility. "

The actual page does not contain that statement, nor does the pdf, nor does the Google cached page.

That statement was from the abstract of the page when it was initially created and indexed by Google in February. But someone deleted it.

The page does still say this:

clinicians should pay attention to the risk of testicular lesions in patients during hospitalization and later clinical follow-up, especially the assessment and appropriate intervention in young patients' fertility.

But they back off from the pointed statement about sterility. Were those particular words controversial and if so, then why?

Could this be the real danger of COVID-19? 

Some scientists predict that half the global population will eventually be infected with SARS-CoV-2.

But why would it be stopped at half? Eventually, everyone may get it.

The vast majority will be asymptomatic, as has been seen thus far.

But how many males might be sterilized if that truly is a possible effect?

What could be the eventual impact on global population?

Mike Judge is some kind of a prophet.

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Anonymous said...

It is agenda 21.

If you compare Agenda 21 point by point with what is happening it becomes clear.

This was no accident.

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