Coronavirus Pundits Cannot Follow Their Own Rules

Neil Ferguson PHD (pretty huge dirtbag)

The people who are creating the rules that we are all having to follow believe their own words, right?

Neil Ferguson of Imperial College is the face behind the most influential models that have brought about the global lock-downs:
Ferguson is one of the highest-profile faces in the effort to use mathematical models that predict the spread of the virus — and that show how government actions could alter the course of the outbreak. “It’s been an immensely intensive and exhausting few months,” says Ferguson, who kept working throughout his relatively mild symptoms of COVID-19. “I haven’t really had a day off since mid-January.”

Research does not get much more policy-relevant than this. When updated data in the Imperial team’s model1 indicated that the United Kingdom’s health service would soon be overwhelmed with severe cases of COVID-19, and might face more than 500,000 deaths if the government took no action, Prime Minister Boris Johnson almost immediately announced stringent new restrictions on people’s movements. The same model suggested that, with no action, the United States might face 2.2 million deaths; it was shared with the White House and new guidance on social distancing quickly followed (see ‘Simulation shock’).
Surely, Mr. Ferguson believes in and follows the rules that have resulted from his models?

No. He just resigned his position because he was busted cheating with a married woman:
Professor Neil Ferguson allowed the woman to visit him at home during the lockdown while lecturing the public on the need for strict social distancing in order to reduce the spread of coronavirus. The woman lives with her husband and their children in another house.
What a lucky lady. Not.

Ferguson tested positive for Coronavirus, but he states that he was recovered at the time of the tryst.

Seems we are all getting screwed by this guy.

Especially in light of this: "66% of New York state coronavirus hospitalizations are people staying at HOME and NOT essential workers - which begs question: Does lockdown even work?

New York State represents 10% of total global cases and deaths. This is the source of that stat, so look it up and do your own math.

UPDATE 5-8-2020

All of the brain dead morons who keep saying "trust science" and "trust the scientists" need to shut the hell up with their moronic drivel.

The scientists in this farce are turning out to be liars.

I would sooner trust a hungry tiger than any of them.

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George B said...

So many hypocrites!

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