Chickens Coming Home To Roost In Big Blue Cities

Chickens Coming Home To Roost In Big Blue Cities

Read this article to the very end. Do not stop because something offends you. 

Please keep going until you get the complete picture.

I bet that those who warned of Marxist takeover in Russia in the early 20th century were ridiculed as conspiracy theorists or they would have been had the terminology existed.

This is all planned. 

UPDATE 6-8-2020

The Democrats came out with their law enforcement reform bill this morning. These pandering frauds want to pretend that the problem is "systemic racism" and not decades of Democrat Politicians and Democrat controlled police unions that have destroyed people's trust of police and served to increase crime in blue cities. 

The white democrats come out with the kente cloths draped around their necks, speaking in their best fake accents doing their best to convince people to blame anything other than the fact that Democrats have had total uncontested control over the cities with the worst police brutality records for decades. Do people really enjoy being patronized by these frauds? 

In all fairness, Donald John Trump was almost as bad pimping the Bible in front  of St Johns Church. It's the Democrat in him.

And can you believe that these idiots are actually trying to get rid of police? Who do they intend to call when there is a murder or a rape? If it is a rape that happens in Congress, then they can just dip into the Democrat rape payoff slush fund...yeah, it' a thing. But seriously, who will they call for serious crime that WILL skyrocket? A social worker? There are many areas of the United States that have great difficulty keeping social workers because the workloads are so massive and the working environment is so dangerous. Many locales have pushed to actually arm the social workers. 

Part of the problem with the Minneapolis Police Department to begin with is the fact that it is not funded well enough to pay for quality officers. One of the four officers involved in the George Floyd incident was hired despite having an extensive record as a petty criminal.  

What outcome do people think they will get by doing away with police completely? Things need to change, but this "defund the police" idea is highly irrational and if it goes through I predict cities begging for a police state sometime in the future. It will be just the latest bad policy decision for democrat controlled cities that have been making bad decisions for many many decades.

Sadly, once again Democrats are not thinking about the consequences of their knee-jerk reaction. They just want more power and will say anything to get it. 

And I promise you that not one of these Democrats will defund their personal armed security paid for by you.

********* end update

Democrat Controlled For Decades

All of the cities currently on fire in the United States and which have the worst police brutality records are long time Democrat strongholds. They have been solidly Democrat controlled for decades. The police unions in those cities are Democrat political machines. There is no way to lie out of these facts.

These cities released prisoners by the thousands to prepare for this. They all used draconian lockdowns to cut off incomes and destroyed lives to prepare for this.

New York leftists passed bail reform just last year to prepare for these staged riots:
As part of the New York State Fiscal Year Budget for 2019–2020, passed on April 1, 2019, cash bail has been eliminated for most misdemeanor and non-violent felony charges, "including stalking, assault without serious injury, burglary, many drug offenses, and even some kinds of arson and robbery."
This means that almost all of the rioters arrested in the New York riots were quickly released and paid no bail. The police are wasting their time arresting them and many are being injured or killed in the process. Why the hell bother pretending to be a policeman?

The spoiled rotten and worthless children of the lockdown crazy politicians are some of the leaders of the riots and looting that is going on. They are also leaking privileged information about police and national guard activities.

The Democrats that control these cities have made themselves and their cronies millionaires over decades through their corruption and schemes trafficking in drugs, weapons and human beings.

Yet the citizens of these cities have become ever more government dependent and hopelessly poor and without the capacity to provide for themselves. The only hope they have is in the lies of criminal politicians. But instead of helping the constituents that they already have these criminals traffic in streams of new government dependents from all over the world.

Democrats pretend to care about people, but they just use them.

Democrats blame their crimes on everyone else. They excuse whom they choose and come down like hell on those who cross them.

Democrats promise the masses of poor a free ride forever and when they run out of other people's money they create a storm of hoaxes and burn the system down through intricate networks of organized protests, mobs and riots.

Why Are Democrat Cities So Bad?

The last thing that these Marxists want is for people to turn to God.

They are like Marx himself who honored the god of this world.

Like Saul Alinsky, who was not joking when he dedicated his book to Lucifer, a book whose tenets we are seeing executed by community organizers all across the United States today:
Lest we forget at least an over-the-shoulder acknowledgment to the very first radical: from all our legends, mythology, and history (and who is to know where mythology leaves off and history begins— or which is which), the first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom —Lucifer. Saul Alinski from the dedication page of Rules For Radicals
They have removed that quote from the newer copies. The one on Google Books omits it. Wikipedia lies out of its butt saying it was never there.  I had a copy of the book decades ago, so I know it was there. This copy on wordpress shows it.

Why do these people who giggle like schoolgirls over ubiquitous pornography, the sexualization of children and the murder of the unborn bother to lie about Saul Alinski dedicating his book to Satan?

Do they lie just to stay in practice? Is it because it is just impossible for them with their seared conscience to tell the truth at all at this point?

Who knows? Who can tell what makes these insane perverts tick.

But make no mistake, their allegiance to Satan is at the root of all of this chaos.

It Takes Two To Tango

This is not to say that the right wing is any less evil. 

The two parties effectively control 95% of the population. The majority of Independents and other marginal party aligned persons get dragged one way or the other. The left and right are used to push through globalist agendas through a sophisticated game of deceptions and competing interests. 

The left does not bother to hide what they are with abortion, drug use and hatred for the family unit. 

The right panders to the religious and pretends to have Conservative values. What better way to get people to dedicate their children to the war machine? Make them think that it is God's will for their kids to spread depleted uranium all over the Middle East.

After all, America is God's country right?

But what god?

It's death and destruction, but it's Christian death and destruction, right? Churches filled with people who talk about "the terrorists" and yet have no understanding of the myriad ways in which "God's Country" manufactured those terrorists.

Let me tell you something, Jesus has nothing to do with this greedy God-bothering hypocritical monstrosity that calls itself America and covers itself with occult images.
Both sides, the left and the right, work together to dissolve the old order and to coagulate the destroyed system into a new creation, as they did with the first Civil War with Freemason generals on both sides.

But most Americans think all of these things in the news and happening all around them are unconnected to one another. "Shit happens" is what they say.

Well, somebody made this shit happen. All of it. 

In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way. - FDR

And it's all politics from Coronavirus to the riots and everything in between.

and what comes next... 

UPDATE 6-5-2-2- A Sane Person In An Insane City

New York assemblywoman: 'Absolutely outrageous' how NYC Dems are handling criminals:
New York Democrats' decision to redirect campaign donations from police and correctional officer PACs to bail funds and other mutual aid organizations is "absolutely outrageous," New York Republican Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis asserted Wednesday.
"And, to be honest, this has just added on to all the bad, lousy pieces of legislation that these very members passed that strip the powers from the NYPD to be able to do their jobs and make it more difficult," she charged. "They have created a sense of anarchy here where people feel that they can get away with it and, quite frankly, they are."
"And, the fact that you have the elected officials [who] are almost encouraging these criminal acts because…’Hey, if you get arrested, we'll come bail you out...As a New Yorker my whole life, it's horrible to see my city being under destruction right now because the elected officials are allowing it to happen," she told Kilmeade.

Almost encouraging criminal acts? No. 

This is all planned. Democrats are doing these things in a coordinated fashion. They are lawless criminals all of them. If they had their way they would disarm every law abiding and hard working citizen regardless of race and then impose their iron fisted rule. 

I have news for you, a lot of minorities are being murdered by these criminal rioters. A lot of minorities are having there livelihoods destroyed. These riots are orchestrated by a Marxist criminal underground to use as a smokescreen and have nothing to do with social justice.

These riots were planned for years and the criminals have mapped out exactly what they intended to hit. They have been communicating their plans through social media and encrypted channels. And this goes all the way to the top of the Communist Democrat Party.

Did you watch the recent remakes of Planet of the Apes? There is a surly character named Koba that plays a key figure in the films. But who is this Koba, really? Koba was the nickname of Joseph Stalin (aka Man Of Steel). Stalin started out as a bank robber for the Revolutionaries. You see? We are just writing another rhyming refrain in the history of Revolution. But do not try to tell me that these Hollywood Satanists have not been planning this for a long long time and incorporating Marxist themes into everything that comes out of that sewer. Planet of the Apes (and many many other films) is all about revolution.

It's 1917 all over again. Everything is ending. Time to wake up. The lawless one slouches toward D.C.

Michael casts out rebel angels. Illustration by Gustave Doré for John Milton's Paradise Lost.

In BvS the painting above is hanging on the wall of Lex Luther's mansion.

"Do you know the oldest lie in America, Senator? Devils don’t come from hell beneath us. They come from the sky." Lex Luther quote from BvS

"the first rebel"

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