Coronavirus In The Philippines (Our Story)

Coronavirus In The Philippines (Our Story)

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So far the Coronavirus tally for the Philippines stands at 111 total cases, 8 dead and 2 totally recovered.
Here at our place things are becoming gradually more locked down. No one has been confirmed positive yet anywhere near us, but check points are beginning to pop up in anticipation of the virus moving in. At the malls and larger grocery outlets guards are checking temps at the entry and no one with a temp of 38C (100.4F) or greater is allowed in. They will contact the police and have you transported to a hospital if you show up at the mall with a fever.

We have gone out for supplies three times in the last week and I still do not feel that we have enough. I want to keep topping off for as long as there are no reported cases within a province or two around us.

The only thing that we could not find on our shopping excursions was alcohol for our hands.

No one is panicking, but many people seem to be preparing. Not for the worst. Just to be hunkered down and waiting for it to pass.

I told my wife that it sort of feels like the Passover. 

The authorities have begun implementing social distancing on public transportation and this is making it a bit more difficult and time consuming to get a ride. It is nice to not be packed in like sardines. 

For the most part, our lives and the lives of those around us here are carrying on pretty much as usual. We are accustomed to being isolated so it's nothing new to us if they quarantine the barangay or province. 

A few here have been affected directly by the problems being experienced by cruise ships. One family has a relative who is a crewman on a ship right now that is having difficulty finding a port that will allow them to dock.

Hopefully, quarantine procedures will be effective to prevent the virus from spreading much and the majority of those who do get it should experience only mild symptoms.

Our prayers are with all of those who have been negatively impacted by this unfortunate turn of events.

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