Morning Hike In The Philippines

Morning Hike

The above is the hill area that we set out to walk earlier this morning.

The power was shut off at 0430 for routine maintenance. It was no good lying in bed and sweating, so we decided to take a walk into the foothills to check the land of my wife's family.

I used to go walking (jogging really) up here by myself everyday, until it started to become dangerous. A man was killed last year and to this day the perpetrator has not been caught. A few years ago a group of people came down out of the mountains and knocked on the door of our neighbor (an older lady). They asked her to pay the revolutionary tax. She told them to get lost. She told them that she worked very hard for her money and they have no right to just take it. They left without incident. They have never knocked on our door.

The walk is beautiful and there are a lot of cows grazing along the way. The smell of cow manure is not a bad smell to someone who grew up among farms and ranches. It is the smell of home and the soil.

We pass many terraces and small farms and gardens, as the sun is just beginning to peek out from behind the hills.

We started our walk at sea level and looking back at the ocean you can get a sense of how far we have come.

The mountains beyond the river rise to heights grater than 6,000 feet. My wife tells me I cannot go there.

On the journey back home we pass a sleepy guardian of the path, a kitten belonging to a cat that was a hunting buddy of my Butterscotch.

I included the good with the bad. I don't like to lie about how things really are. We love living in the Philippines, but bad things do happen. It is not right to withhold the whole truth. The place is beautiful and most of the people are wonderful, but like everywhere there is a dark side.

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