Globe System Migration

Globe System Migration

Was Your Internet Dead Today?

When I woke up this morning and went to get my fix of Internet and I was met with this message:
Hi! You've already used up all the data from your GoSURF 999 promo
Which I thought was strange, because I know that I have tons of data in my account.

I frantically texted GS STATUS to 8080 and received this response:
Hi! As of 2020-02-22, 07:26:57, the remaining MB on your active promos are:
Freebie - Facebook (1GB): 1023.54
MB GoSURF 999 (8GB): 0KB
Add Surf 499 (8GB): 8GB
Rolled-over Data (AddSURF499): 7.98GB
Rolled-over Data (GoSURF999): 0KB
Monthly GoSURF free WiFi (1GB): 1GBx
I do not use the free WiFi, but you can see that I have 8 gigs of Add Surf and 7.98 gigs of rolled-over data. 

So I dialed up Globe service at 211 to speak with a Globe rep.

The rep told me that Globe had undergone a system migration recently and this was most likely the cause of my service interruption. 

The Solution? 

The Globe rep instructed me to text *143# and in order to turn off SurfAlert.

What Is SurfAlert?

SurfAlert is a free service that protects you from unexpected browsing charges. When your SurfAlert is on, your browsing will be put on hold and you'll receive free alerts and flash notifications when your mobile phone or device tries to connect to the internet and any of the following conditions are met:
a. Your surf promo has expired
b. You already used up your data allocation from your surf promo
c. You're not registered to a surf promo
d. You try to access a site or app that is not covered by your current surf promo
e. You don't have enough load to continue surfing
This advice alarmed me because without SurfAlert I will be charged the regular browsing rate of P5 for 15 minutes or P2/MB.

However, the rep informed me that she would give me a reference number for removal of the charges after I receive my next bill.

So I followed the instructions to remove SurfAlert and the rep gave me the reference #.

When I get my bill after the first of March I will have to call Globe back and give them the reference # and then Globe will be able to "realign" my account.

Before ending the call I again reiterated to the rep my concerns about turning off SurfAlert and she assured me that the realignment process would remove the charges and that I would not lose any of my rolled-over data.

When my new billing cycle begins I need to turn SurfAlert back on:
Step 1: Dial *143# and press the call button for free.
Step 2: Select MyAccount.
Step 3: Select Mobile internet usage.
Step 4: Select Turn ON mobile internet alerts.
Step 5: Select SurfAlert.
Step 6: Select Proceed. 
Step 7: Wait for the text message saying that your SurfAlert has been activated
You can also send SurfAlert commands by text <keyword> to 8080: 
SURFALERT ON - Turn on alerts
SURFALERT HOLD - Turn off alerts for the day
SURFALERT OFF - Turn off text alerts permanently 
A few days later and Globe will send my bill and then I need to contact Globe again and request the realignment.

Update 3-4-2020

Globe realigned my account today, but the bill credit comes through on the next payment.

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