Warning About Old USB Cables

Warning About Old USB Cables

USB cables have four sub-cables: two power conductors and two data conductors. I connected one of my HD enclosures to the laptop yesterday and everything looked fine. The drive popped up under My Computer and I had no reason to suspect any issues. I cut some files from the laptop and attempted to paste them to the enclosure, but when I clicked paste nothing appeared in the folder on the enclosure. I went back to the laptop folder and the files were gone.

After a little investigating I learned that one of the data wires in the USB cable was broken. Holding the connector firmly in the laptop USB port and wiggling the cable around where it attaches to the connector causes the drive to appear and disappear from My Computer.

The mistake I made was in using cut and paste rather than copy and paste.

Now someone in an alternate universe is wondering why their desktop is filled with cat videos.


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