My New Basic Home Office

My New Basic Home Office


I needed to set up an office type of arrangement, but I also needed to maintain a budget. I built the computer table in the foreground for only 1000 PHP. 

List of material for the table:

The flat-screen TV used to sit on the mahogany table that is against the back wall and I wanted to make space, but I was skeptical about wall-mount brackets.

I purchased this 1300PHP Panatone brand mount at Gaisano and it seems to be very sturdy:

The box states that the mount is rated up to a 42" set, but I do not agree with that. My 32" unit seems to be pushing the upper limit for this particular bracket and I would not trust it with anything bigger.

That's a 1TB HD enclosure attached to the USB interface. 

I love HD enclosures. I have three enclosures that contain old hard drives from laptops that have died over the years.

This one is a 500 GB unit:

The enclosures connect via double ended USB cable. You can find the enclosures in gadget shops in the malls for about 200PHP.

Back in the post on appliances I talked about the fact that our non-smart Sharp flat screen could not power the HD enclosure. I have not looked into whether that is a software issue or something else perhaps to do with power over the USB cable.

I tested out the Globe LTE pocket wifi unit to see if it's memory card could be detected by the TV and it was. The pocket wifi seems to work well as basic network storage and transferring files to the TV wirelessly.

For printing, copying and scanning I have a couple of old but reliable units.

The first printer I bought was the Canon Pixma P200:


This is a printer, copier, scanner combo unit. I only use it for scanning and copying because I got tired of buying the ink cartridges that cost too much and run out of ink too soon.

I have been considering buying a compact portable scanner, but for the meantime I have found simply taking a photo with my phone and then editing it in Windows to be an effective way of capturing digital images of documents.

I replaced the printing capability of the Canon with an Epson L120:

I thought that maybe the promises of this Epson ink tank system printer might be too good to be true, but I have been pleasantly surprised by its performance. You can find this model at many computer and tech stores for about 4900PHP. This ink lasts a very long time compared to the cartridges of the Canon, so this is an instant savings. I love this printer. 

This basic home office will work for me for the next few years until my phase 2 office comes on line:

Pardon my lack of drawing skills. This is just a concept drawing to give the engineer an idea of what I want. The upper level is the street level and that is where the parking space is along with a small shop for my wife. The lower level is my future home office that will have about 600 sqft of usable space. 

We have limited space to build, but we might have to make the parking area a couple of feet wider to accommodate easy parking.

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