Star Wars Episode IX Review

Star Wars Episode IX

After living in the Philippines for a decade we finally made the big leap and went to see a movie: Star Wars Episode IX. I saw Episode IV (the very first one) over 40 years ago when it premiered in the US. I remember that the theater was not only packed, but the line stretched outside of the theater. It was a very big event. 

The Episode IX viewing we attended was the third showing for the very first day of release. There were maybe six people who came out of the auditorium before our show began and they were all one family. There may have been a dozen people in the theater with us during our show. The foyer was deserted when we exited the auditorium. The reason for the low turn out is due to this being a big mall in a small province. Personally, I like having the entire theater almost to ourselves with no crowds to wade through. I cannot see how this business model can be sustained for long.

It was a very pleasant experience. The theater was clean and new and the AC was set at the perfect temp. The buttered popcorn could have been a little more buttery and was a tad stale, but not too bad overall. The price of the film was good at 230PHP ($4.30), which is not bad for first day showing of a blockbuster.

We don't usually care about movies, but we made an exception for this one and it was very entertaining. The previous two films with Rey bored me to death, but this one broke with that tradition. I genuinely enjoyed watching Episode IX. It has been said that this third film will be the final one for Rey, but without giving away any spoilers, I doubt that.

The film did tip its hand to theories of the franchise being rooted in Gnostic teachings. Not once, but twice references were made to the "dyad" and in no subtle fashion.  Palpatine imagined himself to be the source, but alas...he was wrong. He was only another manifestation of the working of the force to balance light and dark.

The empires and orders that arise within the Star Wars universe are aberrations of the force. The force deals with them by emanating oppositional forces like the Jedi to restore balance. The Jedi lay down the power (of the force), while those like Vader and the Emperor desire to accumulate that power and use it to elevate themselves and rule others. The force could be seen as being non-sentient and simply reacting to the over accumulation of itself within individuals.

That is pure Gnostic philosophy. Incidentally, I disagree with it.


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