Philippines' Dry Season Means Work

Philippines' Dry Season Means Work

OK, I'm calling it. Dry season is here. My wife tells me it is still a couple of months off, but I know that at this time of year it only drizzles. We already had our December good rain last week, so I doubt there will be another. So I have about five months now to get painting and other outside work done before the rain starts. I actually only have until the middle of February to finish up because in March I start an employment contract. I have already completed the grass, weed and debris cleanup for the acre that we manage, so now I just have a water tower to paint and a sidewalk to construct plus some minor plumbing and carpentry tasks.

The big task will be the construction of a concrete sidewalk from our place to Nanay's house. The white is existing concrete walkway and the red represents the 190 feet of 3-foot wide walk way that we need to build. I intend to use 9 mm rebar to reinforce the concrete and build it in 4-foot sections.

The next task will be the water tower that we have painted twice in ten years. I need to sand, rust convert, wash, prime and top-coat the 25-foot tower:

The old quick dry enamel is breaking down badly and the paint job will not wait for another rainy season to pass. 

I will update this boring post with drab photos and boring details as the work progresses.

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