December 26, 2019 Annular Solar Eclipse Visible In Philippines

December 26, 2019 Annular Solar Eclipse Visible In Philippines

The annular solar eclipse is predicted to begin across the Philippines at approximately 14:30 local time, but the partial eclipse will begin around 12:30 and last about three hours. Almost all of the Philippines will experience at least 50% coverage with the Visayas southward experiencing greater than 70% coverage. 

According to wikipedia, Sarangani and the southernmost shore of Davao Occidental are the only locations in the Philippines that shall experience an annular eclipse.

An annular eclipse happens when the moon is just a little too far away from the earth to completely blot out the sun. This creates a "ring of fire effect" around the perimeter of the moon.

It goes without saying that the farther south you are in the Philippines the more spectacular this solar eclipse will be for you.

WARNING: do not attempt to view any solar eclipse without proper eye protection. Check out these tips for safe eclipse viewing.

And if you miss this annular eclipse don't worry. On April 20, 2042 a TOTAL solar eclipse passes right through the center on the Philippines:

That will be a hugely spectacular event and I promise you that scientists and many other people will descend upon central Philippines to experience and document it. So get your eclipse glasses now before time runs out. We only have 22 years before the black out.

Update 12-26-2019

That was super boring.

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