Simple Cure For An Ingrown Toenail

Simple Cure For An Ingrown Toenail

A Little Toenail...A Huge Pain

Over the past eight months I have been allowed to experience the joy of losing a toenail. It all started last December when I had to get stitches in my foot from an injury I received while clearing some trees around our property. 

To prevent that sort of thing from happening again I had the brilliant idea to get myself some steel toed shoes. During the first week of wearing the steel tips I notice a strange dull ache in my left big toe. The nail soon turned various shades of purple and black. The land I had been working on was hilly and uneven I reasoned that I had spent an extended period of time where the steel toe had placed pressure on the toe nail and that this had caused the injury to the nail bed.

The pain subsided after a few days and I even hoped that the nail would survive, but this was not going to happen. As days and weeks went by the nail began to loosen from the bed and it was clear that it would eventually fall off completely. Complete separation took about two and a half months.

The nail came off painlessly, except for a tiny sliver that wanted to hang on to the right side of the toe. I gradually cropped this bit as it loosened day by day until there was just the tiniest bit hanging on by a thread. I grew tired of that hanger on and decided to just twist it off. This little impatience might have been the cause of my future ordeal, but I'll never know for sure.

The Cure For An Ingrown Toenail: Time...And Hot Water 

The nail grew steadily and painlessly without any trouble for about two more months. This is when it began to become ingrown on that right side. 

I dealt with the pain of this ingrown nail for perhaps two and a half more months. In that time I visited the doctor who discussed different possible resolutions, none of which sounded good because they all presented the possibility of recurrence. 

I opted to just allow it to continue to grown until it pushed through the end.

I had read on the Internet many times that it helps to soak the foot. Being too tough and too smart for such a simple solution, I ignored this sage advice....

until five days ago.

That is when I started soaking my now debilitating and enormous red appendage.

I boiled about a quart of water and dissolve about an eighth of a cup of sea salt in it. This solution would then be added to roughly 1.5 gallons of water in a small bucket. I made the water as hot as I could take and the soaking would last about thirty minutes, adding additional hot water as the bucket water cooled.

After five days the swelling and redness is almost completely gone, as is the pain. I now feel confident that I can allow the nail to grow out naturally with no need for medical intervention.

Salt water soaking is a miracle cure for an ingrown toe nail, at least in my book.  YMMV

Oh and I need to emphasize that this treatment needs to be continued and constant every day until the healing process is complete. If you stop or skip a day or two, then the skin and nail will once again begin to harden and you will notice the pain returning.

Two Months Later 

I wrote the above back in August and now it is October. The toenail is essentially healed. It still hurts a little, but it is nothing serious and I can live with it. 

I think my situation could have been a lot worse if this had happened back in the USA and I had to work a 9-5 and wear shoes. As it is, I was able to only wear flip flops and rest a lot, which probably made the process go smoother than it would have otherwise.

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