The Simple Beauty Of The Philippines

The Simple Beauty Of The Philippines


Our daughter loves to roam around the compound with her camera. This is a rural area and just barely carved out of the wilderness. She loves looking into the details of the things that many never notice at all.

You need a dog if you live in the Philippines, but do not overlook the necessity of having a cat. Cats help to control the formidable population of mice, rats, lizards and even giant cockroaches. There are many cats that roam around our place and our daughter is friends with all of them.

My wife cultivates myriad orchids and other flowers. I have commissioned our daughter to document them all. These are just a few:

Dendobrium - white orchid

Tecoma stans - yellow trumpet bush

Bougainvillea - red

Dendobrium - lavender orchid

Allamanda cathartica -golden trumpet

Bougainvillea- orange

Vanda tessellata - coral orange

I wrote about our palo verde tree that fell last week. This is that tree before it fell:

These strange fungi were growing at the base of the tree:

Xylaria polymorpha growing at base of palo verde tree

It is amazing that a fungus can be so beautiful:

Xylaria polymorpha growing amid rocks

These fungi appear to be Xylaria polymorpha, also know as dead man's fingers. These were the giveaway that our palo verde tree was doomed. The dead man's finger is nourished by rotting and dead trees. The roma was able to adapt over untold centuries, but our poor palo verde hadn't the time.
The old scrub board below can be beautiful in its own way:

And our screen door can capture your attention and make you get lost in its details:

This is the St. Andrew's cross spider:

argioe spider of the ohilippines

They are called argiope, but our daughter calls them "Mr. X." They are everywhere on our property and of all different types. I find them on me from time to time, while working in the field. I cannot prove that they are responsible for some of the many bites I have received. There are also scorpions here, but they are rare to find. There are no black widows or brown recluse spiders that I know of and the scorpion sting is supposedly equivalent to a bee sting.

a beautiful egg

Obviously, this is only an egg and it is covered in condensation because it just came from the fridge.

Such a simple thing, but is there not beauty in it?

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